Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Noah's Ark, Part 2

Since everybody apparently got a huge kick out of the Noah's Ark incident, we thought we could follow up with the rest of the story. Being dismayed at what we received, my first question was "Can we take it back?" This question has actually been laughed at almost as much as the incident itself. There is where I revealed just exactly how American I really am.
The next week, we went to a different market and found exactly what we were looking for and bought it. They had several for us to choose from, which makes it even more funny to see what we had ended up with the first time. One of the missionaries here really liked the Noah's Ark that is like a tree stump and graciously bought it from us. (we discounted the price a bit, because it was so kind of her to take it off our hands.)
Lesson Learned.
We are going to post more pictures when we get back to the States, after our weekend stop in London!


Scott & Jo said...

It is such a joy to follow your experiences - thanks for sharing your lessons with the rest of us - we are truly touched by your adventures and life lessons. Kirby, Clayton and I are planning to be in Bangladesh in December with Lightbearers International - yes I'm refering to the one between India and Burma - please be praying for us as we continue to pray for you daily. Can't wait to talk with you! Nathan wants to know your high score in Yahtzee. Keep your eyes on God's blessed little children and we'll see you before you know it. Christ's Love - Scott & Jo

Anonymous said...

Well, I know God has blessed you two and I know He has used you to bless others. I know it will be hard to leave, but nice to see loved ones and the USA. I am a bit disappointed as I was looking forward to seeing the stump Noah's Ark. God grant you a safe journey home. Then you will be off to another new adventure. God bless and keep you. Love, Sylvia

Jennifer Chancellor said...

You got a real Noah's ark!?!?!? NO FAIR!!! I gave my mom her ark this weekend and she loved it. But again, it's all relative. She had nothing to compare it to. Glad you all enjoyed your last two weeks there without the rest of us. We miss you guys and are so blessed to have shared this adventure with you. You are right, it was truly humbling and life-changing. Love you both!