Monday, December 18, 2006

I'll Be Home for Christmas

Well, John and I arrived in the good old US of A around 7:30 p.m. Friday evening. We came back a few days early to surprise my Mom for her birthday. There were many funny plans surrounding this surprise, but in the end, Mike and Ashley picked us up, and we met up with the sisters and Mom at Olive Garden. She was thrilled to have all of her kids there for her birthday, and it was wonderful to see everyone. (note- I did have to beg to get on the plane in Dallas- you never know when a little whining will pay off if there are weight restrictions on your flight and they are trying to kick you off it.)
Our last week in Costa Rica was truly an enjoyable and charming time to round off our adventures. There was a Christmas party at International Teams with a gift exchange. Steph and Brian were to be helping out at a lock-in for the Tico youth group, and John and I were recruited to join the fun. Youth groups are pretty similar across the world. The kids were loud and wound up and stayed up all night, though we did not. Steph and I made no bake cookies for the party, but they didn't set quite right, and it ended up being a plate of no bake mess. Kids kept asking if it was beans and trying to dip chips into it. Very funny. At the last minute, we also made breakfast for 40 people. I learned how to make syrup!
It was sad to say goodbye to Brian and Steph, and we were so glad to have the time to spend with them and better understand and be a part of the work that is happening at Sonlife Costa Rica. It is good to be home and have some real down time, and we are looking forward to Christmas here and New Year's in Colorado!
**** I put more pics up, Album names are "Osa Peninsula" and "San Jose and Tico Fam."


sierra said...

i am glad your adventures of team Spenst were so great! When will we get to see y'all's faces back in the homeland? you both have been missed thoroughly:)

muchas abrazos

Scott & Jo said...

So glad you're home! We need to play a little "catch up" - call when you can - scott

ps - can you keep this thing going?? Its' been really good to get my weekly dose of The John and Carol Show... just a thought

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home. It sounds like you are still having fun. That is great. What are your plans now? Are you telling? (just kidding) We would love to see you two though. we have been busy at work, which is good. Have enjoyed your blog, pics etc. God bless you and yours.