Thursday, December 28, 2006

Winter Wonderland

Well, we have been in the States for almost two weeks now and spent time in Kansas with my family, and we are currently in Colorado with John's family. It is great fun, to be sure. At my house we watched the entire 5th season of 24, the TV show, with my Mom. It was intense. We also had a fabulous time creating sugar cookies with my fam. I let Laura dye the icing for the cookies, and she actually poured in about 1/4 of the bottle of red food coloring which meant that we had a bowl of blood-red frosting for our Christmas cookies. We did use this whenever a cookie broke to show that its little cookie apendages were slightly bloody. Merry twisted Christmas. They were very funny. The other highlight story from the McCulley house was that my mother's miniture dauschaund (not sure how to spell that), Lexi, suddenly disappeared from the living room for about 10 minutes. When she returned, her usually small stomach was bloated to three times its normal size, and she was looping dazily around the room rubbing her nose on the carpet. Puzzled and alarmed, we rushed around to determine what she had eaten. Moments later, my mom came out of her bedroom horrified. Lexi had eaten almost an entire gift of hot chocolate mix that included 3/4 cups of chocolate chips and tons of marshmallows. Mom immediately called the vet who told her to pour peroxide down her mouth to induce vomiting. Done. After the nasty incident, Lexi's stomach returned to its pre-gorging size and all was at peace once more. Our Christmas in Kansas was really wonderful, and we spent lots of time cooking and playing and just spending time with family, always one of my favorite things to do.
The day after Christmas we drove to Colorado. Yesterday we went sledding with John's whole family in San Isabel National Forest, about an hours drive from Pueblo. It was stunningly gorgeous with snowy mountains all around, and we created sledding trails down the hill that led out onto a frozen lake. Seriously, so fun. We bundled up like crazy to the point that everyone was actually hot from running around. Last night we drove to Denver to celebrate Becka's birthday with some of her good friends there. We went last night, because today there is another blizzard predicted (yes, "ANOTHER blizzard"...Colorado is still recovering from a blizzard one week ago) and starting in Denver and we didn't want to get stuck there. So, snow is coming down, and we are relishing the beauty of the whiteness that covers everything. We are really enjoying our time here and so blessed by family.


JT's said...

ooohh 24!!! I'm getting all geared up to watch it tonight! Sounds like you guys had an ammazing christmas with family! I love hearing about all you're doing! Blessings to you both!

Michael said...

Was the John and Carol Show cancelled? I'm bad, but Geez, December?