Sunday, February 13, 2011

Party, Park and Pancakes

What a beautiful weekend!  Here's a quick re-cap from ours.
John and I went to a fancy-scmancy event on Friday night to honor one of his past bosses.  It was a delight to get dressed up and feel like grown-ups for the evening.  (Somehow I never quite think that we really are full-fledged adults, which is quite ridiculous at this point.)


On Saturday morning, John and Lily went to the Daddy-Daughter Pancake breakfast at our church and met up with some of their favorite buddies- Matt and Mattie.  So glad I have a husband who wants to invest time with our children.  Here's the fab four.


Bella started eating solid food for the first time - and took it mostly like a champ.  What about "Rice Cereal" doesn't sound delicious to you?  mmmmm. . . . .



Since the weather took a dramatic turn for the better after the Snowpacalypse, we got to enjoy some time in the sun down by the River.  John ran with Lily in the jogging stroller, and I got to walk with my little friend in the other stroller.  Amazing how many strollers we have for just two children.


Remnants of Snowmeggedon remain, but it was almost 60 degrees and gorgeous.


I have cleaned out the craft room, tested out colors on the wall and am ready to begin painting it.  We shall see when I can get to that.  Here's hoping for a little productivity this week.


Matt said...
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Lindsay said...

I love your dress! You look beautiful! Glad you guys had a good time!

(By the way, that was me who deleted the comment, I didn't know Matt was signed in! Opps :) )