Thursday, April 21, 2011

Chocolate Bag O' Fun

      Well, the day finally came for me to retry making the Chocolate Sack from SO.  We were having Community Group at our house on Tuesday night, and since I knew I was going to make a dessert, I thought it would be a great opportunity to have another go at it.  When I mentioned this plan to John, he laughed all over again at the fact that I try things when we are going to have people over, knowing it may fail.  However, this time was no failure.  And, now, I can tell you how to make your own!

I am calling it the Chocolate Bag O' Fun.  (And, for the record, I didn't take many pictures of this process, so you may have to use your imagination a bit and read the details, but I promise - it is not very hard or even very time-consuming.  You can do it. (I am noting here that I have been saying this a lot to my little two-year-old friend, because she has started saying, "I can't!" to anything she doesn't want to do, so we are very much working on our "can-do" attitude.))


Here's what you need to recreate the Chocolate Bag O' Fun


Baker's Chocolate
A paper sack
Vanilla Ice Cream
Marshmallow Fluff
Raspberry Sauce (I used a seedless raspberry preserve that I heated up a bit)
Sliced Almonds
Graham Crackers
Whipped Cream
    for extra fun, you can put a chocolate covered strawberry on top, which I forgot to do

      So, I tried to make this back in February (which you can read about here), and one night, as I was getting into bed rather late, I got a Facebook message on my phone about the failed Chocolate Sack.  My friend ended the message with this idea, and I quote, "painting the inside of the paper bag, then after freezing it you just tear the paper off so the chocolate is in tact.  This was so important I needed to share it at midnight. :)" Thanks, Kristin!  (Her blog is called Kristin Eats, so I knew I could trust her.)  And it worked!

      I cut the paper sack in half so that it was only about 5 inches tall.  Then, I melted my Baker squares and painted the inside of the bags.  I froze it, and then I painted another layer of chocolate over the first.


Then, I put it back into the freezer.  


After it had hardened up, I tore the paper bag off of it, and it came off quite easily.  


Then, I put them back into the freezer until it was time to eat them.  When it was time to serve them, everyone was here, so I did not thoroughly document this part of the process.  However, it is pretty simple.  Basically, just fill it with all kinds of fun yumminess.  I copied what they do at SO, so mine had, in this order, ice cream, graham crackers crumbled up, slivered almonds, marshmallow fluff, raspberry sauce and whipped cream.  It was delicious - at least, that is what my kind friends and husband all said.  You could put all kinds of other stuff in it that would pair well with chocolate (I think anything pairs well with chocolate - I even dip chips in it sometimes. . .)  

In other news, here's Lily: a Girl and her Toys.  Last night, John and I were watching a recorded episode of Storage Wars, which we have been a little addicted to this week.  I actually commented to John, "I bet this is one of those moments when Lily is busy and we are not even realizing it."  When I walked out onto our porch, this is what I found. 

Picnik collage


Kristin Murdock said...

YES! I am so glad it worked! Looks fantastic, and thank you for the shout-out you are so sweet. :)