Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Our House: Lily's Room

      Continuing our little home tour, here's Lily's room!  Several things became the inspiration for this bright space.  I saw some curtains at Cynthia East here in Little Rock done by a brand called Karma Living, which I quickly realized is not available online.  But, I loved the bright colors, and a couple of stores in town carried some of their stuff.  And I fell in love with the Indian Patch Work quilt bedding from Land of Nod, so it all sort of stemmed from those things.  The final product is an upbeat, original room for our little upbeat, original girl - and it will eventually be shared by both girls.  I already knew we were having another girl while putting this room together.

Picnik collage

The curtains are by Karma Living purchased at Cynthia East, and once I had them, I thought a nice complement would be bright teal paint.  I really did have to sell this one to John, and, while he is glad he does not have to live in this room, he likes it for Lily.  I wanted to stencil a border that would look similar to a sari.  After scouring stencil sites online, I found the stencil from this site that happens to be in the UK.  (This has led to much joking from John that the best stencils can only be found overseas.)  I didn't realize it, but it turned out to be a double layer stencil, which means I stenciled one layer of cream and after that was dry, I stenciled a smaller stencil of accent gold over it.  It took a little more time than I imagined it would, but I like the way it turned out.  The little seat is also done by Karma Living, and I found it at Kid's Furniture here in the Rock.  The gorgeous quilt was made especially for the room by my super talented sister.  It is perfect!  That orange chair in the corner was originally my grandfather's, though my brother has had it for years and gifted it to me.

Picnik collage

I made a magnetic wall by painting magnetic paint in a taped off area, and then going over it with paint a shade darker than the rest of the room.  I trimmed it out with part of the stencil that I used around the top of the room.  I had little squares left-over from a clock that was from Pier 1 years ago, and I used them in several places throughout the room.  The magnetic paint is not nearly as strong as I would want it to be, but it will hold some fun stuff and Lily loves playing with the letters of her name.  Above the cabinet, I covered large photo frames that I got on clearance from Hobby Lobby with Indian print paper that I ordered from Paper Source.  I wrote verses inside of them that all have to do with our hearts.  I made a giant stencil using poster board to mimic what was in the stencil to get a little more of that pop at eye level.

Picnik collage

The bow-holder (a necessity) was made using a cream colored frame that I had on hand already.  I added some gold accents to it and glued some more of the little squares onto the corners.  I hot glued orange and pink ribbon across it on the inside of the frame to actually put the bows onto.  It works great, because then they are set of the wall a bit, making it easier to grab bows in a hurry.

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I wanted there to be a little "reading nook" in the room, which is where the pouf ended up with the book shelf and the rag rug.  It makes it easy to take books in and out.  The elephant hook-thing came from super clearance at Hobby Lobby, and I recovered it with more Indian paper from Paper Source.  The baskets in the cabinet are all from Land of Nod, with more squares glued onto them.  Lily loves to rearrange these regularly.  I took all of these pictures while she was at Mother's Day Out.

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I did the monogram painting above the bed for Lily's nursery in our old house, and it still works in this room, though they are decorated vastly differently.  We had a specific thing in our mind for the beds - we wanted a full size bed on the bottom that came out at an L-shape with a twin on top.  Because we have no family that lives in town, we knew we would sometimes sleep couples in here, and it has worked great, especially since the bottom bed is on wheels and rolls out.

Picnik collage

I know an "Indian" themed little girl room is not for everyone, but we like the way it turned out.  And Lily loves her "big-girl bed."

We found her asleep just like this.

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Ellen said...

I'm usually trying to grab bows in a hurry too... ;)

Jessica said...

I love that room! I really love how you're not afraid of's inspiring :)

Up2Late said...

This is ridiculous. You have unbelievable talent. Seriously, can you do MY room?????? Gorgeous. Truly gorgeous!

ali z said...

hi! where did you find the moroccan style string lights?

Carol said...

@ali z Hey, Ali! I got those string lights at target in the outdoor/patio section. Hope that helps!