Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday

      So, I know some blogs that do a "Wordless Wednesday," and I thought it might be fun to just post a picture, but the reality is, I apparently like to hear the sound of my own voice (or read the thoughts of my mind as it may be) too much.  I like to add words.  This picture is from this morning.  It was a perfect, beautiful snowy morning.  Snow covering everything, except the roads.  Delightful.  The girls went to Mother's Day Out as usual, no employees were calling to see if our store was closed and I ran the errands I needed to run this morning.  All with snow glistening off of every tree branch, until it melted away by noon.  Perfect.


I thanked God for the reminder that he is making things new always.  Everything looked so different this morning, and it was nice to get that change in perspective.  Thank you, Lord, for the beauty of snow and the even greater beauty of the truth that you redeem all things and make beautiful things out of dust.


Linds said...

B and I just talked this morning about how the snow is white just like Jesus makes things pure as snow. I LOVE snows that look like that but don't impede on life :)