Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend: Starting to Get Things Organized

      This weekend held many things - a seven mile run that did not involve vomit (yea!), fun shopping at Sam's and walking past the security cameras,


marveling at how much food this little friend can put away in record time,


and playing a fun game in the garage.


Blowing a ping pong ball out of a PVC pipe brings some of the loudest giggles I've ever heard.  And, aren't Lily's pigtails the cutest?  I thought so.

      In between some of that stuff, we managed to rest and prepare for a new week.  One of the things that I wanted to accomplish this year was to re-organize (or organize for the first time) our house.  I wanted to do it last January, but instead I started a blog.  Which has been great, but does not make my pantry easier to navigate.  So, here we go.  I have an organization board on Pinterest that you can see by clicking here.  There are so many great tips out there, but the bottom line is still that I just have to do the work.  Or rope my super-organized husband into doing it for with me.  He is the best.
       One of the sites I pinned is doing a 52 Week Organization Challenge, and while I am not exactly participating, I am doing my own little version of it.  She makes several great points - organization does not happen overnight, and it really does consist of forming better habits.  So, after looking through all of the areas that she is tackling, I made my own list of areas in my house that need to be addressed and the order that I wanted to do them in.
       The first area that is being tackled is our kitchen, which was broken into several sub-categories so I could check stuff off the list.  We spent some time in the pantry this weekend, and I am loving the results.  Now, it was not that bad at all, but it was bad enough that I found that I had at least 4 bags of chocolate chips - two of them opened.  That would not have happened if they were all where they were supposed to be.  I didn't take a before picture, but I did take a "during" shot.


      He truly does love "arranging" things, which is lucky for me, because it is not my strong suit.  I can keep up a system (when I put my mind to it), but I am not particularly visionary in this area of life.  He helped me group things in ways that made more sense and moved things around to shelves that made more sense.  When we had it all the way we wanted it, I used our trusty label-maker to label it all.  As John says, it will provide a little accountability to me in our pantry when I see the labels.  I am more likely to put things back where they are supposed to go.  (The shelves all pull out, so it is a very accessible pantry that I love.)



      John helped me make everything more functional, and now, I just have to keep it like this.  Hopefully it will keep me from having three Basils, two Poppyseeds and way more canned tomatoes than any one family needs on hand.


Having a list and doing a little bit at a time seems to be the key for us.  I get overwhelmed thinking of trying to get everything in perfect order at one time.  But, I can clean out the pantry (with John's help) in a couple of hours one afternoon.  It is not all-encompassing of our lives, but over time, and with each task - more of our home will be more functional.  I will keep you all posted on the progress.
      Planning for things really does make a difference.  I look forward to sharing more of our planning and action steps - hopefully, you'll be inspired to do the same!