Thursday, March 08, 2012

Update on Cleaning Schedule

      A while back, I blogged about having a new cleaning schedule, and I had a couple of requests to share it.  Which motivated me to make it cuter and then hang it on my refrigerator.  So, today, I designed it to be cute, and once I print it on paper that matches the Meal Planning Calendar that is already up there, I will laminate it and hang it.  Here it is:


      This has definitely helped me to better clean our house.  I do not follow it perfectly, but it gives me guidelines and structure and reminds me of stuff that should be done.  I am a tiny bit embarrassed to post it, because I am sure that I do not clean/wash certain things as often as other people do.  However, this is what works for our family.  I basically just wrote out all the stuff that needed to be done and tried to divide it into manageable chunks, also taking into consideration which days I have Mother's Day Out and other stuff.
      I can say that we are experiencing many fewer toilet rings and slightly fewer dust bunnies.  I consider this a success.  In the weekly Bible Study that I attend, they have been encouraging us to make scripture more a part of our every day lives by looking for ways to incorporate it.  I figured the cleaning schedule would be an ideal place for scripture, since I definitely need the reminder to do all things to the Lord.  I don't exactly love cleaning, especially when there are other, more fun things to be doing.

"Be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the Lord." 1 Corinthians 15:58

For this time in my life, it is my job to keep our house clean for my husband and children, and I want to do that well and to the Lord.  (even though many days I find I don't want to do it at all . . .)


Kristin Murdock said...

This is both intimidating AND encouraging -- a great idea yet one I am worried won't actually help me do said housework. Hey, at least it will get me closer!

Morgan Smith said...

I like your laundry schedule ideas. I am always getting bogged down in laundry, even if I try to do a load a day. I'm going to try making my own laundry schedule and see if I can stick to it. Thanks for the inspiration!