Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Play Dates

      Summer is upon us, which brings me mixed feelings.  I love the sleeping in.  John and I have said several times recently that we need to savor these times, because the girls are truly awesome sleepers, and I don't hear from them until well past 8 most days.  I do not love the total lack of schedule that summers include.  This morning, I woke up, knowing I needed/wanted to get several things done on the adoption paperwork front.  I also realized that I had a whole day in front of me with my little friends with nothing planned for us.  Hmm. . . now what?  So, I know I need to make a cutesy list and schedule out and plan a bit more for our fun and sanity.  Until then, I have been surviving on play dates with friends.  Not every day, but lots of days.  Here are a couple from this week and last.

A day at the zoo.  It is so nice to do the zoo with friends and before it is blazing hot and even more stinktastic.


Yesterday we tried out Little Rock's new splash park.  I do not want to disclose the location, because I want this to be an undiscovered gem for just my friends and I to enjoy, which I am sure will not happen, especially once the public schools are out of session.  Anyway, it is amazing, and the kiddos sure loved it.

(Bella is a climber.  She was so angry when I made her stop climbing half way up, where I couldn't spot her.)

These play dates usually involve bringing lunch and all eating together.  Yesterday I was remarking that this really is a perk of being a stay at home mom.  Picnic lunches with a bunch of friends at the park.  Sounds good to me.


Next goal - get pictures of myself with children on said play dates to prove that I was there.  What are we up to next, ladies?  I am lost on a day without a play date.


the osbornes said...

totally agree with you about the new splash park! When we were there last Friday I was getting a little nervous thinking of what it will be like once all the school kids discover it this summer. yikes
PS. I can't even contain my jealousy over them sleeping til PAST 8:00. Noah has slept that late 0 days of his life. Today he was in my room at 6:13.

Elizabeth said...

Play dates are the best:)

We were in LR last weekend and knew nothing about this splash park-bummer! We'll have to visit it next time.