Monday, June 25, 2012


      Today the John and Carol Show got a complete makeover, thanks to Sharon at Redbud Design.  She was a delight to work with, and I am thrilled with what she came up with for me.  So, take a look around and enjoy the new look with me!


- Finally, I am starting to label my posts, and you can navigate those labels on the sidebar.
- I am keeping track of our adoption story, which you can follow by the button on the sidebar or see the adoption page, including timeline, on the menu bar under the title.
- Recipes and Projects are located on the menu bar.
- You can see my latest instagram pics in the sidebar.  This is one of my favorite things, since I have become an instagramming fool lately.  I ♥ instagram.  Are you on it yet?  I keep selling my friends and family on it, which has only enhanced all of our lives.

As I was trying to finish this blogpost, John asked what I was working on.

I said, "Blog."
He said, "Oh, so you would rather hang out with the blog version of your husband than the real thing?"
I said, "You are ridiculous."
He said, "Ever since you got this blog makeover, all you want to do is blog.  I just wanted to ask you more about your day, but I guess I can just look over your shoulder and read about it."

So, on that note of over-done drama, I am done blogging about my new blog.

(Thanks, again, Sharon!  I love it!)


sharon said...

you are so very welcome! it was an honor!

Katie said...

It looks fantastic! Super cute!

Elizabeth said...

Your blog looks beautiful!