Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yesterday, a canoe was delivered to our garage courtesy of Amazon Prime, which just paid for itself.


After I told Lily what it was, her first question was, "How will Daddy get that boat onto the car?"  Great question, little lady.  Good thing JP likes a challenge and knows how to watch YouTube videos.  We were excited, so John took the morning off, and off we went to canoe.  I told Lily we were going on an adventure, and she said, "NO, Mom!  We are not going on an adventure!  We are going canoeing."  She was quite adamant, even when I explained what adventure means.

We left our neighborhood and civilization behind.


Well, not exactly civilization, since we put in at Two Rivers Park, still in the Rock.


And then, we headed into open river.


Within literally a minute, we saw a snake swimming across the water in front of us.  I used to be straight up phobic about snakes, but after reading/watching Harry Potter and probably a little intervention from God, oh and also growing up a bit, I am less phobic.  But, I would still not call myself a snake fan.  Thankfully, that was the only one we saw, though it made me wary the whole time.


I was glad to be sharing a canoe navigated and mostly paddled by JPS.  He's pretty awesome and did the lion's share of the work for many reasons.  One of them being that my arms got tired, since I am not exactly in the practice of giving them a workout.  The other reason I didn't paddle as much is because I was wrangling our children.


This involved handing out snacks and drinks, getting hugs and giving cuddles and making sure they didn't dredge their snack traps through the water.  (Bella only did this once.)  Oh, and I had to make sure their hands didn't get attacked by snakes.  For the most part, the girls had a great time and enjoyed pointing out birds, flowers and turtles along the way.


All things considered, it was a beautiful morning to enjoy some sweet family time.  The water really is a serene place (minus the snakes and kids).


Also, if you recall this post at all, you will remember that I would have some cause for nervousness about how Bella would respond to the life jacket.  She did great, which we were so grateful for.

Verdict is in: the canoe was a great investment!  Looking forward to more adventures.


Linds said...

yall just might possibly be the funnest family ever.

Anne S said...

My favorite part is that JPS figures things out by watching YouTube videos. Hilarious!

ems said...

I love that you bought a canoe and just went for it - i'm jealous. So fun! You better get those arms in shape girl, look like you have a lot of canoeing in your future!!!

Mom Spenst said...

That looks like fun!! JPS is going to have to take his momma for a ride one of these days. :O)