Monday, September 24, 2012


Today was a pretty run-of-the-mill kind of a Monday.  It was the kind of a Monday that took snippets of my life and put them all together.  I did some fun parenting, and I did some hard parenting.  I tried to get some things done and succeeded wildly, and I failed miserably at others.  I saw friends and stayed at home.  I had a meeting for the event I'm helping to organize, and I got a tiny little bit of craft time in, too.

It felt all over the place, and it seemed a good representation of my mash-up of a life right now.

One of my most favorite blogs, Flower Patch Farmgirl, is hosting a link-up with posts that celebrate something about the day.  As I reflected over the routine and unremarkable quality of my own day, I thought I would have nothing to offer.  Which is never the case.  Upon reflection, several celebrate-able things come to light.

-  I did get a notable email saying that our dossier is headed to Ethiopia right now.  God-Speed to you, little Dossier!  Can't wait to hear that it's there and get our first wait list number at the beginning of October.

-  It was chilly this morning.  C.H.I.L.L.Y.  I think I will pull out all the pumpkin paraphernalia this week in honor of the chill.  I am welcoming fall with open arms and a sloppy wet kiss.  Or two.  Or three.

-  While my trip to the grocery store was a total disaster with a Bella-beast who loudly insisted on being held and would not let any part of her body touch the cart without extreme protest, I didn't need much in the way of food and was able to keep the trip short.  The humiliation of a screaming child in the check-out line at least got to happen in the Express lane.

-  We got invited to dinner by best friends, so I didn't have to cook anything after all - even better after the aforementioned catastrophic shopping expedition, with the bonus of seeing and enjoying friends.

-  I did get to craft a bit, which warms the very cockles of my crafty little heart.  And, the crafting included painting tone on tone colors.  Fave.

-  Watching Lily at gymnastics is truly a joy, and she picks up her post "nap-time/Lily Comedy Hour" room so much more quickly in anticipation of it.

-  Lily got hurt tonight, and to help her be okay with washing her toe off, John put his feet in the water too.  It didn't make Lily feel much better at the time, but in many years, she will be so thankful to have this kind of a daddy.  And, I am heart glad to have him right now.


-  When our cat crawled onto John's lap tonight, he grinned and pulled out his "Cat Piano App" and played Happy Birthday in meows to get her off.  It worked.  I only learned that he knew how to play Happy Birthday after hearing it in meows.  And you think you know a guy.

Those are the Money-Shots in my Monday.  Other days may offer a lot more or less than this one did, but I am thankful for today, and I am thankful for the many gifts in it.  I always have a choice about the way I view it, and I am definitely grateful for that.


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Dossier!!! Dinner with friends! Crafty action! Girl. I like your day. And that photo is killer.