Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I've been a bit heavy the past couple of days, so I thought it was time to liven things up with a mindless post about food.  Since we hosted Thanksgiving and people at our house last week, I pretty much cooked up a storm all week.  It was fun to plan menus and make a few new recipes along with many old favorites.

Here's what we've been eating.

On Wednesday morning, I made Sourdough Waffles for the first time ever.  My friend gave me a sourdough starter that lives and breathes in my fridge, and I just figured out how to use it as well as how to feed it.  Crazy good.  You should get a friend that will make you a starter of your own - or - you could bravely make it yourself.  Then you will learn about all kinds of randomness like the fact that wild yeast lives in the air, and you can catch it to harness its yeasting strength.  True Story.


Anyway, the waffles were amazing, and I am looking forward to many more sourdough treats in our future!  Thanks, Lindsay!

On Wednesday evening, I attempted the Panera Mac and Cheese recipe that has been haunting Pinterest.  Ya'll - it is the real deal.  It tastes like that heavenly mac and cheese.  Make it ASAP, if you like Mac and Cheese, which is pretty much a given.  I paired it with baked Salmon marinated in something really similar to this recipe, and it all received rave reviews.

Thursday brought the usual Thanksgiving fare.  Delicious stuff.  One of the things I did differently this year was making Pumpkin Cheesecake, instead of Pumpkin Pie.  A dear friend of mine made this a couple of weeks ago, and we fell in love.  It is Martha Stewart's recipe for the filling, and for the crust, my friend told me to chop up Ginger Snap Cookies and pecans, instead of graham crackers.  Amazing.

Friday morning, I made McCulley Family Cinnamon Rolls, which never get old.  In fact, they were almost all eaten by the end of the day.  Friday night, I made my own version of this recipe, that we love.  I substitute goat cheese for the feta, and because I had no fresh herbs on hand, I used dried basil instead of fresh parsley.  It was a light way to end the week of eating, though I suppose anything with goat cheese sprinkled liberally on it is not incredibly light.  The recipe says to serve it with crusty bread, but we want to try serving it over orzo next time.

And now, I have a fair amount of leftovers.  Since I had a casserole sneak up on me yesterday, I decided to fuse Hash Brown Casserole with my leftover mashed potatoes.  I put down one layer of the frozen hash browns, and then I made a layer of mashed potatoes.


Then, I poured more hash browns on top and followed the rest of the recipe.  Success!  You really can never have too many types of potato all together.  And then baked.  With cheese.

Tonight I am making dinner for Community Group, and I am going to put my leftover turkey into this White Chili instead of chicken.  Wish me luck!


Courtney said...

Thanks for bringing your tastey treats to the hospital! The White Turkey Chili was delish and Adam's been raving about that pumpkin cheesecake, I'll have to get the recipe from you! So grateful for your friendship! Love you! Hope y'all have a safe trip up and back!

Courtney said...
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