Monday, December 10, 2012


Yesterday we hosted roughly 65 people at our house.  We have such a great team of people that work for us that we have come to dearly love.  After a few years of trying different things for a party, we have realized that people like it best at our house.  So, while it feels a bit crazy - it works, and it is such fun.

Some of our team members brought delicious Mexican food that covers our table.  Homemade tamales.  Green spaghetti.  Hot sauce.  Tiramisu from Olive Garden - wait - how did that get in there?  Anyway, I am glad that it did.


I did desserts and hot chocolate.  You know, so you could get warmed up on the inside, as well as the outside, since it was 65 degrees.  But, I'm not complaining about the warmness, because have you ever tried to get two resistant girls into jackets and then buckled bulkily into their car seats?  I sort of hate that part of chilly weather.  Moving on.


We borrowed a bounce house from some friends for the kidlets.  Bella kept coming inside and saying, "Jumpy!  Jumpy!" It was a major hit, especially when they got all the ping pong balls and paddles inside.  We did intervene.


This darling child slept for over an hour right in the middle of everything, which seemed to be a feat of extraordinary sleeping ability.


There is a dirty Santa gift exchange with lots of present stealing.  Then, John drew numbers for door prizes, which turned out to be super exciting.


We rounded out the activities with a couple of piƱatas that everyone got to enjoy.  They made it rain candy.


The Santa's Photoshop was also in full effect.


After the party, I was just ruminating over the experience of having such amazing people in our home.  We are blessed that the Lord has brought really incredible people to work with us at CFA.  No one is perfect, but all together, we have a wonderful team.  I'm so thankful for the privilege it is to serve with them.


Linds said...

those homemade tamales look AMAZING. I want to come work at your store just to get a chance to try one of those. haha! Also, what is green spaghetti??? I've never heard of such a thing.