Tuesday, January 15, 2013


So, I would not say that I am known for my flexibility.  I cannot do the splits.  I cannot touch my toes without bending my knees.  I also do not often react well when my plans are disrupted.  And, when children and bad weather are in the mix, this is an unfortunate trait.  Today has cast all of this into perfect, clear, bright light for me.  Again.

This morning, just getting out the door required super human ability and flexibility that I was not able to muster.  It was like psychological warfare.  By the end, I was shaking with anger, and someone else was shaking with sobs, though she called it "coughing."  Never a good way to start the day.

Then, promptly after the talk at my Mom's Bible Study (which was excellent), it came to everyone's attention that a freak snow storm had descended upon us.  Winter strikes again!  We were all dismissed and sent on our not so merry way.  With my girls, we cannot leave the church without visiting the Koi pond out front.  Even in the snow.


As it turns out, Mother's Day Out is canceled for tomorrow, tragically.  This means no work-out class, no errands by myself and no breakfast with a friend.  Sad.  When I got the news, it took a good deal of restraint to not cuss about it.

Why do I ever think I am in charge of my life?  I regularly fool myself into thinking that I run the show, and I know that is not the case, nor is it how I should think about things.  "The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps."  Proverbs 16:9 (NASB).  So, God had different plans for today than I did, and the same is true for tomorrow.

As usual, I am faced with a choice.  I can be cranky and whiny about the way things are panning out, or I can choose to see the reality that God's ways are higher than mine.  Tomorrow can be good, even though it is not what I imagined.  So much of that lies in my own attitude.

I can embrace the little beauties that I find along the way and be grateful for them, instead of focusing on what hasn't happened.

Snow really is beautiful.  Even just a little.


The girls played together wonderfully for over an hour in Lily's room while I prepared dinner for guests.  That was a sweet treat for us all, though the room was an unspeakable disaster afterwards.

Our dinner guests were lovely.  It is always a joy to get to know new people and see God's faithfulness in the way he provides relationships and great people in our life in so many areas.

We have power!  Though, if you must know, I have stalked the Entergy power outage map at least once today to see how the power grid is holding up.

The girls and I lunched at home.  I enjoyed pita bread and Baba Ghanoush (amazing roasted eggplant, with spices, sort of like hummus - you can get it at Kroger!), and the girls had PB and honey sandwiches.


The girls were really sweet through most of dinner with new friends.  They were especially quiet and good during the time when they were eating ice cream with sprinkles.  That portion of the evening ended with Lily saying to Bella, "Okay, now let's drink the rest of it."  And both girls drank from their bowls.  I did not stop them.  Sometimes I value cuteness over good manners.

I got to try out my mini pie maker tonight, which turned out to be a delicious treat!  That was actually another exercise in flexibility when I had to change dessert plans at the last minute.  Sometimes flexibility is actually rewarded with fresh apple pie.  I wish that were always the case.

So, I am learning.  This may be one of the hardest lessons to engrave upon my heart, but I can see that flexibility, a.k.a. giving over perceived control of my circumstances in my mind, is what God asks of me.