Monday, February 18, 2013


Since Seminar is a built in time to get away sans kiddos, we usually try to take at least one extra night and maximize having grandparents keeping the girls.  Since we disembarked the ship on Thursday morning, which also happened to be Valentine's Day, we decided to make this trip our present to each other.

Best. Decision. Ever.

It has been one of John's dreams to rent a convertible in a beautiful place, and since this was a short time and a beautiful place, we finally pulled the trigger on it.  So Thursday around noon found us just like this.


We headed here.


It felt like normal, cold February had never existed.  After a nap, which is virtually non-existent in our real life, we headed to go sea-kayaking.  Since we live in a firmly land-locked state, this was a great choice of activities.  (And, I got a Lifeproof case for my phone so that I could take pictures while sea-kayaking.  I love it.)


Next, we went for a bicycle ride around the property and a bit around town.  It was gorgeous.


We did go out for dinner on Valentine's Day, which is sort of against our rule to never do that.  We ended up at a very random place on the beach with live music.  We were seated outdoors, until it started raining.  Then we were seated in the bar with Very Loud Men who were also smoking.  It was super romantic.  At least we looked cute.  We did have fun, and it was perfectly fine doing something low-key since we had been having white-table-cloth meals all week.


And we were driving the cool car, who I am sure played a supporting role in Transformers.


After sleeping in way late on Friday morning, we spent more time driving the Keys.


We got a pizza lunch and picnicked by the Seven Mile Bridge.  We brought our champagne that we never got to from the night before and made mimosas, cause we got class.  Plus, we love the environment, which should be obvious from our use of styrofoam.


Our picnic partners included this pelican.


And these fisherman, who kept lamenting the fact that every time they threw a fish back into the water, the pelican would manage to swipe it from the air.


We gave them the rest of our champagne as we headed for the airport.  It started raining just as we pulled away from lunch.  Perfect timing.


Peace out, Keys - you were good to us!  Thanks to John for being the best travel buddy of all time and my favorite person ever.  Thanks to God for giving us far more than we ever deserve.


Linds said...

how fabulous! Some of the things you did reminded me of a few of our vacations. We've sea kayaked in Cabo. So fun, until they told us to stay away from the sea lions, and one started swimming next to us. Awesome. And we biked in a similar setting at a place in Cancun that is still my all time place ever that I've been to. So glad you had fun and were able to relax!

Lauren said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! My husband and I need a vacation ASAP. It's been crazy around our parts lately.

Thanks for sharing your photos and letting me enjoy someone else's time away. :)

Kristin Murdock said...

I am still slightly sad that you didn't get a Sebring.... :)

And styrofoam is more recyclable than those paper cups lined with wax! Trust me, I know... I'm a Californian. (ha!)