Wednesday, February 20, 2013


How's that for a creative blog post title?  Sometimes inspiration just strikes you.  Or it doesn't, and you are left with "Playing Outside."  If you have got something more witty, please send it my way.

Arkansas is a pretty awesome place to live.  I mean that sincerely.  I really love it here.  It helps that I have spent all but 5 years of my life living in this state, so it is home.  One thing I heart about this home state of mine is the fact that even in the heart of winter, you will get some days warm enough to play outside.  And now that the girls are old enough to actually enjoy it, we do just that.  Hence the title.

I could have also called this post "Wordless Wednesday" and just posted pictures, but I can never seem to do a post where I don't yack about whatever is in my brain.  However, the rest of this post will be mostly pictures of my beautiful children playing outside with no captions.

But I will say that I love my girls.  I love seeing them enjoy being outside.  I love dressing them alike and derive much more joy from it than I probably should.  I love that when we play outside there is no mess inside.  I really like taking pictures outside in natural light.  I love that they whine slightly less outdoors than indoors.  All in all, playing outside is the bomb.

So, here are the pictures that I have now droned on about.  Hope they are worth the build up.  At least I know they are for me, since they are my babies.  (What?  I don't have babies?  Only a toddler and a little girl?  How did that happen?  Where does the time go?)

(Francie tried to come enjoy the sun, and since she is an indoor cat, Lily had to take her back inside.  Poor kitty.  Also, I apparently lied about the lack of captions.)
(The chevron heart shirt/dress things were made by my friend Nicole, and I am in love with them.)

That wraps up this edition of almost Wordless Wednesday.  Thanks, February, for giving us more than we deserve in the winter time.