Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Sometimes coming up with a title for a blog post feels like difficult work.  For that reason alone, I almost didn't even write about this morning, but that felt like a crying shame.  It was a good morning and worth writing about and darned be the title that I can't think of.  Which is how it landed on "Bloom Brunching & Singing."  I know that was much more explanation than you needed.

I know I always seem to be talking about Bloom here on the blog.  That's because I love it, and it has been a life-line to me in this season of life.  This year, I am a group leader.  To be real honest, I wasn't sure I wanted to be a leader.  I really wanted to be able to come and just hang out with the friends I already have.  But, then many of my friends became leaders, and I saw quickly that I wasn't going to be able to be with any of them.  So, I figured since it was my 6th year in the ministry, it probably was time to step up to the leadership plate and expand my people horizons a bit, and I did feel God gently cattle prodding me in that direction.  I know that is a really touching story about how I ended up being a leader.

And guess what - God showed up in my group.  He brought precious women together.  Women who have hearts for him.  Women who have hearts for each other.  Women who have been clearly placed together for reasons that God knew ahead of time.  Women who I genuinely like.  Why am I always surprised by God's faithfulness?  It should be the obvious expectation, but I am still amazed at the goodness that God provides.  Thanks, ladies, for being amazing!

(We missed the girls who couldn't be there this morning!)

Terry Jones sang - she was in the Christian group Point of Grace.  She shared from her heart about walking away from her career to spend more time with her family, and then she debuted three new songs from her new solo album.  It was amazing - go here to hear the first single!


At the end of the Brunch, the children came out to perform.  This was Bella's first performance, and since I chronicled Lily's two years ago, I didn't feel like I could not write about it.  Lily also performed, so it was a really fun to watch.  John came, which thrilled both girls.  What we have gathered is that our children are not necessarily natural performers.  They sort of like to do their own thing, which I can relate with.

Bella did put her hands up the very first time there was an action to do.


It did digress from there, as the teacher started using Bella's arms to do the actions.


By the end, she was sitting on the floor, apparently totally over this "singing for parents" thing.  Sweet girl - she did wave enthusiastically when she spotted us.


This year, Lily was a bit more animated - which does not mean she was animated.  But - she did play along with the motions, and I was enlightened to the fact that they had actually learned a song in another language.  She hadn't been making that song up that she had been singing loudly for a couple of weeks at nap time.


I do love seeing my kids in different situations and seeing that they are exactly the way that God made them, and it is just right.  It was a lovely morning, and I will be ready to start back up in January!