Thursday, December 12, 2013


When I think back to Past Carol, sometimes I shake my head and laugh.  The year that I was pregnant with Lily (2008), I decided that I wanted to get all of Christmas done early.  Like in July.  Because I am a psycho.  I ordered wrapping paper online that I still have, because at that time of year, I could only find commercial sized rolls of paper.  Good thing it was cute paper.  I had all of my presents picked out and bought by sometime around August, and everything was mostly wrapped by early fall.


That was Present Carol laughing hysterically at Past Carol.  Now that I have four kiddos, Christmas is seeming to sneak up and attack me.  It dawned on me earlier this week that I had not purchased a single present, nor had I made any lists with plans to do so.  What?!?

So I got on Amazon and started one-click purchasing like mad.  Stockings will be stuffed.  Presents are almost all purchased, and I now have lists telling me what final items I need to track down.  We give each child four gifts - Something They Want, Something They Need, Something To Wear, Something to Read.  (I found this idea on the internet a ton of different places.)  This definitely helps me from going overboard, and it makes things so much simpler for us.  We don't want to set expectations for our children that Christmas is all about the presents, so it has been helpful to limit the number.

We've been doing a little advent calendar every night, which the girls have thoroughly enjoyed.  It is a magnetic nativity scene, and each door opens telling you about which character or item is in it and how it relates to the Christmas story.  It was a great gift from my MIL years ago.  (It's similar to this one if you are interested in getting one.  Our girls love it.)  I would love to also do something with fun activities every day, but that just did not happen this year.  Gotta let some things slide.

I did purchase a felt Christmas tree for the girls to decorate with felt ornaments (thanks, Target), and it was definitely a hit.  This was how the scene unfolded yesterday afternoon.  Pants are definitely not necessary for this activity.


The babies had awakened earlier from their afternoon nap than I expected, so they joined in on the "fun."  They were not necessarily this happy the whole time they were in the basket.


Last night, the whole tree came off the door due to my shoddy tape work, and so it got to be totally redecorated today.  Also, you never think to tell your child - please don't lick the nativity set.


So that is the story of how Christmas snuck up on me and what I am trying to do to fight back.  We will overcome.  It does not have to feel crazy.  Now if I could just talk someone into wrapping all of my presents, we would be set.  Any takers?


slpleslieanne said...

We use the same gift exchange "motto" and we add "something to do together". This has been fun things like a new board game for us to play together, a concert ticket, etc. So fun!