Tuesday, January 21, 2014


This month is a blur.  I think hopping from holidays to birthday to regular life just makes it whiz by.  Here's what's up at our house in the high/low format that I'm so fond of.

High:  Things are a bit slower around here, and that is for the best.  We still have four kids, now FIVE  and under, but we have a little less going on, which definitely allows us to enjoy more of our time.  These two in particular are getting cuter by the day.


Low:  We have been battling a wide range of illnesses since right before Lily's birthday party.  I got a mild stomach bug two nights before the party, and both John and Rachel had it the Monday after.  In the past week, many of us have had various cold symptoms, and Violet had pink eye in one eye and then in the other eye.  Thankfully, no one else has gotten it.


(Such a pitiful face.)

Low:  It is never fun to take all four kids to the doctor's office by myself.  The girls like to ask about 50 billion times if they or anyone else along on the trip will have to get shots.  And then they often ask the nurses and the doctor, if they are paying attention.  To say they are paranoid would be a vast understatement.


Low:  Both of William's baths in the last week have been prompted by finding him in the bouncer, bouncing in poop.  Ahh the delights of infancy.  (That's a poopy foot in the picture, for you viewing pleasure.)


High:  The afternoon light in my house has been really delightful.  This time of year it bathes the house during and just after nap time, casting rainbows throughout the entryway.  Light has a cheering effect that I have been grateful for.

(Lily has also enjoyed the light.)

High:  We've had a few really beautiful days that were good for playing outside, which is always so welcome in January.


Low:  That sweet Bellapotomus face pictured above and below is not the Bella that I get all the time.  Being three years old is very tough work, and we have had some pretty major battles in the last couple of weeks.  She very much seems to question whether John and I are actually in charge.  And in some of those moments, I have very much questioned whether or not I want to be in charge.  But, I know in the long run, fighting and winning these battles now will be worth it.  I hope.  And pray.


High:  Lily has become more vocally affectionate, which I am really cherishing.  When I told her today that she was "one of the sweetest girls in the world," she told me that I am "the sweetest mommy in the world."  Coming from a child that likes to keep her cards close to her chest, this is incredibly heart-melting.


High:  Doing life with our great friends is always a high.  One day last week, a friend and I managed to do breakfast, lunch and dinner together.  It makes me feel dramatically more sane when I get to do this mothering gig alongside other people that I love.  The kids love it too as a major added bonus.


High:  John and I got a much needed date night this weekend.  We left the house with nothing planned, and because of the aforementioned cold symptoms, we were a bit indecisive.  That all proved to be in our favor, and we had a great evening that included dinner at a new-to-us restaurant, the new Jack Ryan movie and dessert at an old favorite restaurant.  I love hearing about what's really going on in his head - it's amazing how easy it is to miss stuff in daily life.


Low:  Violet developed a bit of a nasty cough that reached its fever pitch while we were at the girls' gymnastics class yesterday afternoon.  Which is totally the perfect place for that to happen, since we are in a waiting room full of concerned onlookers.  Many of my friends were there too, which was actually helpful, because there was always someone to hold William.  At one point, however, a stranger came over to inquire, and then Violet's nose started to bleed a fair amount.  Nothing like making a scene with a large crowd of witnesses.  While I was waiting on a call back from the nurse at our doctor's office with advice on what to do, I had a precious woman try to tell me not to shower with the twins, all in broken English that I had a hard time following.  I'm not sure why she thought I put the twins in the shower.

After more bloody noses and coughing last night, Violet woke up a different baby today.  We are getting smiles again, and the coughing has subsided considerably.  It's so nice to see happy Violet again.


High:  John brought home flowers after the rather tough day yesterday, and then he offered to stay home with Violet this morning so that I could still catch part of my women's Bible study.  He's a keeper for sure.


I'm hoping that we can kick these colds to the curb.  I am ready to have my energy back, and I certainly need it.  All I feel like doing is laying on the couch, and unfortunately, that is not an option. So, we continue on.  Tis the season.