Tuesday, March 25, 2014


One year ago today, we learned about the twins.  In ways that only could be orchestrated by God, they were put into our path, and after praying and asking for his leading, we said "YES."  And though I had doubts and fears, I could see that the Lord was really guiding us.  When I shared the story for the first time on the blog, I really didn't know what would come of everything.  But, a year later, we have William and Violet (our surprise bonus girl), and we are smitten, enamored and so incredibly grateful for them in our life.

Last night, we went out to dinner for my birthday at one of my favorite restaurants - Marketplace Grill in Conway.  Yum.  As John and I sat with our four precious kiddos (and our flaming queso), we were amazed at all that God has given us.  (Also, the children were mostly very sweet through all of dinner, which makes it easier to admire them.)  We are really and truly a family of six, and we are really and truly so glad!


Strangely enough, my birthday has become a marker of sorts with our adoption journey.  Two years ago on my birthday is when we really started thinking and praying about adopting.  And then, last year, we got word of the twins on the day after my birthday.  Celebrating my birthday with the twins sitting around the table with us was special and a bit unbelievable.  We just had no idea how amazing it would actually be.  Of course, there are hard moments and days, because this is life.  But, we would not trade it for anything.  Ever.

Today, I met up with Gran Gran and the babies' half sister for lunch at CFA.  We needed out of the house, and it worked out perfectly.


Never in a million years could I have dreamed up a story where we would know our children's birth family and be so incredibly enriched by it.  Gaining family is a gift that only God knew we needed, and I am so thankful that God knows better than we do what we need.

So, as I think back to all of the uncertainty of last year at this time, I shake my head, amazed at what God has done.  I never get tired of telling this God story and having the evidence of his handiwork nearby.  We are so thankful.  So thankful.


Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

the last picture of Gran Gran with William (and Violet jealously looking on) made me tear up. So sweet that you are able to have her walk along side you and be a part of their lives.

twinkietotmom said...

Congrats on a year of joy, excitement, struggle, growth! It is truly amazing how God works.