Friday, May 02, 2014


This week has zipped past in a flurry of activity.  Some of the activity has been fun - like getting stuff ready for the twins' party tomorrow.  And some has been fun, but with a sad reason, like tornado clean-up.  Here's a quick run down.

We did the Walk for the Waiting last Saturday.  It was a gorgeous day, and the Walk had a great turn-out + a lot of money raised.  Win, win, win.  We got to walk with the twins' biological half sibling and her family - our extended family.  So fun.


Tuesday night, we had community group at our friends' parent's house to help with tornado clean up.  It is truly unreal to see what a tornado can do first-hand.  Being out there with friends made this a sweet time.


(I should not be trusted with a wheel-barrow.  I just had a moment of panic wondering if that is even what it is called.  I might be loosing my mind.)

(Canoe that was wrapped around a tree.)

I spent a fair amount of time picking up the insulation that was strewn throughout.  It is identical to cotton candy in both consistency and color, and from what I understand, it does not wash away, so it must be picked up.  It was everywhere.

We ate after sunset, and it felt like camping.  No power - just gas lanterns and car headlights.


Also this week, one of my best friends jacked herself in the eye with a kids' toy, right on the pupil.  She temporarily lost vision and had an eyeball full of blood.  She's been wearing an eye-patch with great enthusiasm, because she is one of the most positive people I know.  The blood is slowly draining, and her prognosis is now hopeful and vision improving - but it was quite a scare.  Also - did you know how many eye-patches there are on Amazon?  So many.

I think after being away all of last week, the kids and I are trying to get back into a groove.  The hard thing is, everything is about to change for summer.  This will be the last few months we have before Lily starts school full-time in the fall.  I've been grieving this all year, and it is starting to really hit that EVERYTHING will be different next year.  I don't have a handle yet on what it will all look like, which feels a little scary.  


One question that I get asked a lot is, "How do you do it?"  I considered making a whole blog post just out of this, because it seems so laughable to grasp that other people sometimes think that I have a handle on everything going on.  Let's just say that all week, I've felt completely behind, a bit isolated and tired - though I've been getting plenty of sleep.  I'm not sure what exactly to attribute that to.  Maybe it's the fact that there has been one bed in our house that has been wet with urine almost every morning.  Maybe it is all the impending change, and my inability to compute how it will translate to our day to day life.  Maybe it's the running kiddos hither and yon to stuff they need to do.  It might be the whining - both the kids and my own.  It could be the bite marks left on a certain older child's face by a certain second child.  It might be that I just found out that Princes William and Harry are in Memphis right now, and I will miss them by one weekend.

Every day this week has taken a huge effort to work through.  The monotony in my own home and the tragedy in the world have made for a bit of a melancholy Carol.

And this is when I have the rallying pep talk with myself - life is good.  God is good.  This too shall pass.  I have so much and then some to be thankful for.  All truth.  All things that I can hang my hat on.  Until I'm able to get the gloomy hat off of my head and heart, I am grateful to know that I am loved, no matter what.

Hoping the weekend brings good tidings for you (and me)!