Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I thought it would be fun to give periodic updates with pictures of the twins.  Then I tried to take pictures of them.  It was a bit disastrous.  I decided to go ahead with the update, because it is a pretty telling look of reality these days.  Granted - I decided to take these pictures when William was already a little cranky, which was my bad.  There are other times when both babies might have been perfectly compliant.  But, they still would have been two 15 month old babies, which means they are squirmy and have opinions about just about everything.

This is what the babies were doing when I decided to grab the camera.  Just chill in'.


Also, they have the look of "Mom - are you serious?  Do you really think taking our picture is a good idea?  We can assure you that it is not."

I was able to catch this sweeter pic with a bit of luck and fake sneezing.  Gets them every time.


Until it doesn't.


I have long thought that the months between 1 and 2 are quite challenging.  They have opinions and want to be active, but they do not understand boundaries at all.  There are a lot of fun moments as well, because they are starting to comprehend what we say and want to be a part of things.  As with anything - there are a lot of pros and cons.

Miss Violet is incredibly active and very close to walking.  She has four teeth, all of which were hard whined for.  She loves playing "Where's Violet?" and covers her eyes regularly.  She also just learned how to wave, which is pretty precious.  She is fairly obsessed with our cats, and we are pretty sure that her first word is "Kitty."  Her crawling is incredibly proficient, and she tries to climb out of any and all contraptions that she is placed in.  Buckles have got nothing on this girl.  She's also a bit of a cuddle bug and snuggles against your shoulder whenever you pick her up.  Just don't set her back down, because as quick as a wit, she will lay her head down on the floor and wail pathetically.  Her drooling is also note-worthy and legendary.  There a literal puddles of it around our home.

Mr. William is still our most chill child as of yet.  He is usually about a week/two weeks behind Violet in most skills.  He is crawling very well now and is still so pleased about it.  He also loves Peek-a-Boo, and more often than not, he covers his mouth instead of his eyes.  So funny.  He has only two teeth, but I am sure that more are on their way.  He loves to fall backwards in your arms and laugh, and he would play this game just about forever.  He is a bit more vocal than Violet, and it certainly seems that he is saying "Da Da Da" to John.  We'll see.  He still loves jumping and gets a great kick out of his bouncer.  This boy can eat.  If it is food that he likes, he can just keep eating at a rather alarming rate.  He is starting to be able to take steps with someone holding his hands, so I imagine that walking will come before too incredibly long.

Both babies qualified for speech therapy, so this fall will bring quite a bit of therapy for both babies.  But, it is so fun to see them make so much progress, and I would rather do all the therapy that we can now, while they are little, to give them a good start.  I'm so thankful for all of their therapists who truly love them and want to see them succeed.

The big girls wanted pictures with the babies, which I had a feeling was ill-fated.  But, I let them try, and this is what we got.


That about sums it up.  William and Violet want to be on the go!  Happy 15 months!