Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I really do want to do one of these once a month, because it is amazing how much my life changes in just a matter of months these days.  For example, having two teething 15 month olds who are both mobile is quite different than having two stationary 11 month olds with no teeth.  Harder would be another good word for it.  So, here's 14 pictures from one of our last summer days.  We actually stayed home almost all day, which is pretty unheard of for us.  Here goes.

8:30ish - I wandered out to my living room and discovered all of the laundry that I got tired of dealing with the previous evening.  It was about two weeks worth.  You know it is bad when you can't remember when the kids last wore the clothes you are folding.  On an unrelated note, we may have more clothes than we need.


9:30ish -  Since there was no agenda for the day, the girls resorted to pushing babies around in laundry baskets that have been sort of emptied.  The babies love this game for a while.  Until they don't.

10:30ish - Still in PJs.  Using the cribs to do gymnastics tricks.

12:00ish - Lunch time sometimes turns into tickle fights at the table.

1:00ish - We have been faithfully doing reading lessons since she asked about 1.5 months ago.  She is picking everything up so quickly and is quite excited about it.  I am looking forward to seeing how she will progress once she is actually in school!  But I will miss her.

2:00ish - Mixing frosting for cookies.  It's for a "Gentlemen's" 60th birthday party.

3:30ish - Twins are up!  And ready to destroy the world.  But they were happy about it at this moment.

4:30ish - I checked the clothes that I put in the sun.  A friend gave me the tip that the sun will take away the yellow stains on clothing, and it really did the trick on Violet's drool stains.  All of her shirts are yellow around the neck, so I imagine this will become part of the laundry routine around here.  Thanks, Steph!

5:30ish - Dinner time.  We did leftovers, and I made some fresh noodles for the girls.  Which I then let them eat out of the colander, because we are just that fancy.

6:45ish - We went for a family walk.  This sounded like a great idea when we decided it.  We were happy for about half the time.  The other half, Violet made known her disapproval for stroller riding where she is not allowed to stand up the whole time.  William, however, was happy just about the whole time.

7:30ish -  To get the girls to finish the walk without complaining, John hatched the brilliant idea to bribe them with a graduated system of Oreos.  The max they could earn was two, but they both managed to finish the walk sans whining, so I count it all a success.  Except for the part where Violet was still really unhappy.

8:30ish - With kiddos all in bed, I worked on cookies while John worked on work stuff.  I was listening to Anne of Ingleside, which I tracked down via the amazing world wide web.  It is a digital copy of the audio tapes, so every thirty minutes or so, it tells me to turn over my cassette.  Those were the days.


9:30ish - While I have known of this pregnancy for some time now, I LOVED seeing this announcement from my sis on Facebook.  John and I laughed so hard.  How funny are they?  How cute is my nephew?  I'm hoping for a niece, but they are not finding out what they are having - much to my dismay.


10:30ish - I took off my Jamberrys that had actually lasted almost a full two weeks and put on some new ones right before bedtime.  I'm loving the Arrows!


Another day in the books.  Summer 2014 is almost over.  I can't say that this has been our best summer ever, but it has certainly held sweet moments and memories.