Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This morning was quite glorious in my little world.  Every one of my children was safely and *mostly* happily ensconced in some kind of program, leaving me with a quiet, empty home.  When I was telling John how much I enjoyed the empty home, I felt a momentary flash of guilt knowing that someday, the empty home will make me sad.  But, he pointed out that we really enjoy the exception to our norm, and someday, I will really relish the full, noisy home, when the silent home is my norm.

But this morning, I basked in the quiet.  I sat on the couch without moving for at least 30 uninterrupted minutes doing a lot of nothing, which felt wonderful.  This was the first morning that I had to get everyone ready to go and take Lily before I then took everyone else.  Amazingly, it went smoothly, for the most part.  I laid out pretty much everything the night before, which is an essential component to mornings going well around here.

We also added the stress and strain of pictures before we left the house.  The younger children were about as cooperative as I could have hoped for (photographing Violet is just plain difficult right now - that girl never stops moving), but Lily felt that tears were very necessary.  However, she still wanted to have her picture made.  Lily's adjustment to kindergarten has mostly been very smooth, but I can see her tiredness come out in these moments when something that is of very little consequence all of the sudden becomes a massive, tearful ordeal.  She insisted that I take her picture, even though she could not stop crying.  Here's a little dose of real life for ya!


And here are the rest, as they embark on a new school year!


Violet wailed for a while after I dropped her off, but I'm told that she did eventually manage to pull her little self together.  Chilliam and Bella took their new classes in stride.  I had a blissfully unencumbered morning, and I am looking forward to this being repeated again tomorrow morning.  Having the breathing room is good for my soul, and I am thankful for the time we have apart.


But, I am (almost) always ready to see them again when the time is up!  Glad we are getting into the swing of things.


morgan smith said...

ahhh, the secret to being content... i hear Paul's letters coming to mind:) love reading up on y'all :)

Lindsey @ A Dollop of My Life said...

I love how W & V are looking over at Lily like "what is her deal?" haha! Little siblings are so funny to watch as they watch the bigs. Glad you got a day for you :)

Kelcie Huffstickler said...

I cannot believe how big they are getting! So cute.