Friday, August 29, 2014


Every once in a while, I like to share a few of the things that I'm crushing on.

-  Younique Mascara.  I got this stuff sometime back in June, and I LOVE it.  I had seen several Facebook parties for it, and I finally took the plunge with a friend from college who sells it.  I have been thrilled.  I am one of those people who rarely leaves the house without mascara, and this mascara really does stay in place.  I don't think it is branded as "waterproof," which I usually have had to wear, because I cry a lot and my eyes water in the wind easily.  However, I haven't had a problem with raccoon eyes, and I love how long my eyelashes look!  It's also easy to remove - bonus!

Here's a comparison pic.  The top is with no mascara, the middle is with one coat of normal mascara, and the bottom is with one coat of 3D Fiber Lashes.  It really does feel magical.


(Side note: something I am not crushing on is taking close up pictures of my eyes.  There was no way that I could find for them to not look a little weird.  I tried to "SMIZE" like Tyra Banks used to tell me on America's Next Top Model, but I'm not sure it came across very well.  The picture does, however, illustrate my point.  Magic lashes!)

I realized that I keep telling people about it, so I figured I should get a referral link and share it on the blog and maybe get some free mascara in the future!  If you are interested in the mascara or any of their other cosmetics, which I haven't tried yet, click here and help me earn some rewards!

-  Moccasins.  Are these a cool thing?  I am not sure, because I am not usually right on the style money, but they look cute and comfy.  I am hoping to get this pair when they come back in stock!  I plan on pairing it with aztec leggings, some sort of sheer fringe top and an Indian headdress.  I think I shall veritably fit right in.  You can just call me Tiger Lily.


-  I'm loving this list of questions to ask my children when they get done with a school day.  I realized very early on that asking, "How was your day?" usually resulted with the answer of "Fine" or "Good."  Since I want to know a lot more than that, I realized that I needed to get better questions.  These are 25 good ones that I found through Facebook.  I've had great results so far with asking Lily what made her laugh.  It has been hilarious to see something through her point of view!

-  I'm also crushing on online shopping in general.  It's Labor Day weekend, and after checking a few sites for summer clearance clothes for next year, I am pleased to report that several places are having big sales online.  It's easy to check for sizes, and I do not have to drag my children into the stores and answer a million questions about them.  Win, win, win!

-  Evernote.  


I've talked about it here on the blog before, but it is incredibly helpful in organizing tasks and projects.  As I look ahead to the fall and think about all that I want to accomplish, I have found it helps to keep me sane.  I keep track of holiday stuff, birthday party info and meal plans, when I manage to do those.  It's the best!

- This fabric.  It's called Stampede in Cream from the Cotton & Steel August line.  I really like most of the line, in fact.  AND - my mom is sewing it into dresses for the girls!  I am more than a little excited.  Thanks, Mom!  (I ordered it from!)


And that's about all I've got right now.  My brain is feeling more and more like mush these days.  Hope that you and yours have fun plans ahead for the holiday weekend!  I am most looking forward to having Lily home for a weekday again.  Enjoy!