Monday, September 08, 2014


This past weekend started fairly badly.  There was late working.  There was stress, and when Saturday morning dawned, our weekend prediction looked a little grim.  We woke to the girls screaming about something ridiculous, and the morning continued on a downhill trajectory, despite the cute picture I posted to Instagram.


The worst moment came soon after Bella had fallen from a table.  She was crying.  John was holding Violet who suddenly threw her body backwards (a fun thing she does), and she hit her head on the floor.  Cue screaming.  I was unloading the dishwasher, and Lily was assisting me.  A glass was dropped and broken, and Lily immediately began crying.  William was walking through the kitchen at this time and managed to get his face wedged into his highchair that hangs off the table.  John had to free him while holding the wailing Violet, and William made a bee-line for the broken glass.

It was the moment that John and I both wanted to walk out of the house and let the children raise themselves.  Fortunately, the Lord is gracious, and we both stayed put and got everyone calmed down and turned on the TV to get a little healthy distraction.

We needed a new plan for the day, and little by little, the day turned around.  By the evening, things were positively rosy.  We have wanted to get Lily a new bike for quite some time and finally took the plunge yesterday, much to her utter delight.


We backed one of the cars out of the garage to add to the level riding area, so the girls rode, while the babies enjoyed the car/mobile play-pen.  It was pretty awesome, because everyone was so happy.  For so long at one time.  It felt miraculous on the heels of our morning.


Friends came for a late dinner after all the kiddos were in bed, and we relished the kid-less fun, playing games and talking late.  It's good to be known by people and to be real.

Sunday had unexpected graces as well.  Instead of being awakened to screaming, we awoke to Lily telling us that she had been pulling Bella around on her new bike and that Bella had been wearing the helmet and really enjoying it.  They also told me that they had already made their beds.  The rest of the morning was eerily smooth.

When we went out for brunch after church, someone paid for our whole meal.  I was floored and immediately began tearing up.  Since they were right next to us, we thanked them, and they just said that they remembered what it was like to be raising small children (hard), and that we had a beautiful family.  Makes me cry again to think about it.  Such a gift.

And it reminded me of how God's grace is.  Unexpected.  Over the top.  Good when we deserve bad.  I'm so thankful for the good in the midst of the busy and the hard and the things we cannot understand.

We're in a tiring season at present, but there is so much good in it as well.  God is always right there, sovereign and faithful.  He knows the good that he is doing, even when we have trouble working out the details.  And he is in the business of handing out unexpected graces to remind us of his great love for us.  I need the reminder, and I'm so thankful.


On a couple of business notes - I actually have two separate online "parties" that wrap up today.  (I didn't think through the timing of them at all.)

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Whitney Jordan said...

Glad to hear that your weekend took a turn for the better and you ended on a high note. We just moved to Mississippi and are settling in. I LOVE what you said... It's good to be known by real people. We've been looking for a church home and area eager to make friends here. I like your words so I'll definitely be praying that in my prayer requests. Hope you have a great week.