Sunday, December 21, 2014


I've been sitting on our Santa pic for almost a month.  We aren't a big Santa family, but this year, we've been to see him about five times.  Because he is at the same mall as Daddy.  This Santa and his elves have all been so sweet to us.  Because the picture deal included a digital photo and a $20 gift card to Shutterfly, I sprung for it.

Despite the fact that Violet has been saying "Ho, Ho, Ho" on cue all month, she was not into sitting on the jolly man's lap.  William seemed perfectly ambivalent.  Lily and Bella were genuinely delighted.  You just never know what you will get.  So - for everyone's entertainment, here's our Santa pic!


One slightly guilty pleasure I have is to watch videos of a cappella groups singing.  (I know, I'm so crazy.)  I loved the movie Pitch Perfect and the TV show the Sing Off.  Here are a couple of great tunes you have probably seen in your Facebook newsfeed that will help get you into the Christmas spirit.

Pentatonix, Mary Did You Know?  - this song is so gorgeous.  It's on their Christmas album which we have been listening to non-stop this year.

Pentatonix, Little Drummer Boy - This one's not on their current album, which is a shame.

Really, all of their Christmas videos are amazing.  Here's a different group - Home Free, Angels We Have Heard on High

As for videos that aren't a cappella groups singing, I loved this SNL mashup of The Office and Middle Earth.  Since I'm a huge fan of both and of Martin Freeman, I geeked out over this.  (Warning: there are some crass jokes.)

And, because it's my blog and I can do what I want, here are a few tidbits for my own entertainment.  Our kiddos have said some funny stuff recently - here are a few examples.

-  When Bella says she is excited, she says, "Ex-kited."  I've thought it was so cute that I haven't corrected her, but Lily wanted to take it into her own hands.  Lily said, "No, Bella - it's not ex-kited with a 'K', it's excited with an 'S'."  Bless it.
-  Bella also calls pistachios "trophies."  I think because she heard "statue" and then just made the leap to trophy.
- Bella refers to adults as "A Dolt."  As in, when I'm "A Dolt" I will do such and such.  I regularly think that I probably am a dolt at times.
-  Lily's Sunday School class is themed as Grandma's Garden.  A couple of weeks ago, one of the flower puppets wasn't there, and I mentioned that he must be on vacation.  She asked if he had gone to play at the Garden of Gethsemene.
-  Lily was doing her homework and having to write sentences with words that start with "Q."  That is actually a pretty hard feat.  As she was trying to think of a word, she said, "Instead of octopus, I could write about a 'quoctopus.'"  I think she should get points for thinking outside the box.
-  Bella has referred to all nativity sets in our house and in public as "activities."  This has persisted despite much correction from her older sister.

I hope that you are settling into your last few days before Christmas.  I am in Wichita and actually able to breathe a bit freer with lots of extra hands to help with little people!