Wednesday, July 08, 2015


We are in the heart of summer, and I'm surprised to find myself liking it more than I thought I would. We are settling into our groove.  Here's what yesterday looked like.

8:40ish a.m.:  I was still laying in bed, listening to the girls get the twins up and feed them breakfast.  Though this only lasted a few minutes, I enjoyed every moment.  Before long, everyone came crashing into my bed with cries and crumbs.


10:45 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.:  We made it to the pool with friends.  I have such good friends who will help me at the pool.  I certainly couldn't do it without them this summer.  We had lunch, which included having twinsies all up in my business because they wanted all of my food.

When the Violet wasn't shivering or food begging, she had a blast trying on sisters' goggles and playing.  I am such a sucker for children in goggles pics.

Three girls and a boy towel evidence.

We headed home, and I realized that William had pooped in his swim diaper which is really like an over glorified sieve.  The towel he was sitting on was soaked in brown juice when I got him out.  Ick.

2:45ish p.m.:  I took a shower and then spent a while killing ants that have invaded our bathroom through this crack in the grout.  I need to call our bug man again, but I just keep forgetting.  I can't imagine why they want to come in our house (sarcasm font).  I get a bit irrationally angry about ants, and we have dealt with them several times this year in different places.  Sometimes I kill them with my finger, and then I flick their little bodies to the floor to stand as a warning for those behind him.  So far, this hasn't seemed to be much of a deterrent.

3:45ish p.m.:  I worked on a set of cookies with a ton of sprinkles and ended up loving them.  I am glad to be on a cookie hiatus, but it felt good to do such a fun set.

5:30ish p.m.:  John cames home from work with dinner for the kids and then wound them up by chasing them away from it.  They were retaliating with "book shields."

6:00 p.m.:  Sitter arrived, and we left for a date night.  We tried out a fun new restaurant (Piro) and had a delightful time being able to hear ourselves think and speak.

8:30ish p.m.:  We came home from date night pretty early and tucked in to really exciting paycheck stuffing and watching more Tour de France.  We are hooked.

9:45ish p.m.:  My mom texted me a picture of the shorts she is working on for the girls.  I am so excited!  And so thankful to have such a wonderful mother.

It was a good day.  A normal day.  A day filled with whining and fun fully intermixed.  A day with a date night - always a good thing.  I'm thankful for summer.