Friday, July 17, 2015


This week sort of did us in.  Every Sunday afternoon/evening, we sit down and talk through questions and get on the same page about our week.  This has been an invaluable exercise for us.  When we planned for this particular week, we never could have imagined the ways it would be upended.

We started out with a date night on Monday night, which was a treat.  We've been doing date nights weekly so that we can remind ourselves how much we like each other.  It's easy to lose track of that in the midst of some of the chaos.  We ate someplace new to us:  Three Fold Noodle and Dumpling Company.  We loved it, as well as walking around downtown and hitting up a bar where John knew the bartender.


Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day which was a great deal of fun and also took a great deal of energy.  John was pretty well wiped out.  Late Tuesday night, we got a text saying that a CFA in our market had experienced an armed robbery and that two team members had been shot.  John didn't see the text until 1 a.m. when we got a phone call that the alarm was going off at our restaurant.  Let me just tell you that sometimes, owning a restaurant (or two) is an incredible amount of work.

Thankfully, everything was fine at our store, but John felt like he could be helpful with what was going on with our friend's store.  He went to the hospital on Tuesday night to meet up with our friend and check on their team member.  Both team members are going to be fine - thank the Lord.  Needless to say, we didn't get much sleep that night.  John spent all day on Wednesday at that store helping to run interference and get things ready to re-open.  Wednesday found me tired and a bit on edge.  Whining had taken over our home, and I wasn't sure that I could take much more.

But Thursday got better and included a day lunch date for John and I, because we had the chance and grabbed it.  We had a lovely dinner at our friend's CFA on Thursday night, and it was great to check in with them and see that things are going to be fine.  It's hard to see friends walk through an experience that is something we all fear.  But - it's also amazing to see people come out on the other side.  CFA is a great family to be a part of.

Also, this week, William has decided that he NEEDS to hold Violet's hand whenever they walk anywhere.  It's pretty dang cute.

John was supposed to head to Mississippi yesterday for a conference, but with everything that had happened, he decided to stay home.  He graciously agreed to take the kids and I back to Three Fold for dinner.  So, that's twice in five days in case anyone is keeping track at home.  It was just as good the second time, and the kids loved it too.  Win, win, win.

(We all loved the cucumber slaw that is available on the weekends!)
Lily with the lilies.  She requested this picture as she does anytime we are in the vicinity of lilies.  I am always happy to acquiesce.

Surviving this week, along with all the others that came before it, feels like a gigantic win.  As I showered this afternoon, I was trying to put my finger on why it feels intense so often.  We are actively paring down on activity, but there is a certain amount that comes with the territory of four small children and two restaurants.  We can't cut any of those things, nor would we want to.  I've had many opportunities this week to ask God for his grace, his strength and his wisdom.  We cannot do it all or figure it all out.  There is too much.  But - God has led us here for so many reasons, and I am grateful.  It is stretching.  It is making us look to him more and less to ourselves.  Which I'm sure is the point, but it is a hard one and doesn't come naturally.

Happy weekend.  I hope and pray the needed rest comes for you and us.