Friday, August 07, 2015


In the absence of cookies demanding my creative attention, I've done a bit more sewing this summer. I do love to sew.  Shopping for fabric has got to be one of my all time favorite pass times.  There are SO. MANY. BEAUTIFUL. options.  Truly.  The artistry that is found in a fabric store is pretty amazing.  And, I have three sweet girlies that make perfect little canvases.  I haven't sewn anything for William yet, mainly because the boy options are a bit more limited.  But, now that I have some experience in knits, I may do some shorts for him next summer.

There is also a wide world of super cute patterns on the internet, and I've done a lot of pattern browsing on Etsy in particular.  I wanted to do a dress for the girls that I could mix several different fabrics on that included knit as a new challenge, and I found the perfect one for us at Little Lizard King on Etsy.

It's the Blue Ribbon Winner Pattern, and it was totally a winner for us.


I actually ended up ordering fabric from for this, because I wanted to do different colorways of the same design to have a little variety.  The butterflies are a Michael Miller fabric, and I was smitten from the moment I saw it.  I also knew the girls would love it, and they do!  Here's how ours turned out.


The colors are a bit unexpected together, but I do like the way they turned out.  The girls love them, and they seem to be quite comfortable.

The other outfits I've created this summer actually owe a lot of credit to my mother.  I picked out everything for these shorts, but she did the sewing which was so incredibly kind of her.  I bought the tank tops from Target and added coordinating fabric to them to dress them up.


The shorts are made from the Coachella Shorts pattern by Striped Swallow Design on Etsy.  This pattern also comes in Women's sizes, and I have been tempted to sew up some for myself.  So cute.


I got the fabric from a local shop that I love - the Stitchin Post.  I also purchased the pom pom trim there.  I got a serger for Mother's Day, and I used it to finish the edges of the ruffles on the tops, which turned out to be pretty simple.  All in all, I love the way it all turned out, and I plan on using these clothes for pictures that we have scheduled for next week.  Now, I just have to find things for William to coordinate. :)

Now I am planning for fall fun.  There are too many fabrics and too little time.