Tuesday, December 22, 2015


11 months out of 12, I usually don't bother checking the mail.  John often gets it when he gets home.  I don't like most of what comes to our mail box, because usually, it is junk mail + a few bills.  However, December rolls around, and I giddily await the postman's arrival, because I. love. Christmas. Cards.

They are so festive and fun and friendly.  I get sweet reminders of people that I don't get to see often enough or ever.  I know that Christmas card pictures are often a bit of a farce, because nobody's life is perfect.  But, it is fun to get a glimpse of the good moments and know that others are thinking of you during this special time of year.

I was a bit late to the Christmas card game this year, but I did mail out the last of my cards this morning.  I send out a fair few and am usually pretty organized, but somehow, I have not managed to stream-line the Christmas card process.  I don't make a list.  I just go through my phone contacts where I save addresses and do it by memory.  I know that printing labels and writing it all down would be helpful, but when it comes time, it is just easier to hand address and do it the old way.

This does inevitably lead to me not ordering enough which has happened the last two years.  Thankfully, I order through the amazing Main Street Studios (my bro-in-law and sis's business) who can have cards drop-shipped to me within 48 hours total.  It's a Christmas card miracle.

Luke took the picture, and Ellen designed the card, and I LOVE the way it all came out.  I do not take for granted what a score it is to have these talented people in the family.  In fact, I apparently even think about this subconsciously.  I had a nightmare the other night where I was in the middle of my own wedding to someone who was not John.  I couldn't figure out why John and I had split up.  John was attending the wedding and being so kind and helpful, which made it all the more confusing.  The other thing that I was extremely worked up about in my dream was that I wasn't certain that Luke knew I was getting remarried and would be there to take great pictures.  So, even when I don't want to be getting remarried in my dream, I do want Luke there to take pictures.  (laugh cry emojis for dayzzz)

Christmas Card 2015


Here are my other favorites from this photo session.  Bless Luke's heart, we are not an easy crew to photograph at this stage.  William was NOT excited about having photos made, and Violet was cold with snot pouring out of her nose at always intervals.  She also pretends not to know that pictures are being taken.  And still, I love the pictures.


So, Merry Christmas from the Spensts.  Hope your holidays are shaping up to be joyous and restful.  (unlike William's face in that last picture.)