Wednesday, December 09, 2015


Every year we do some kind of Christmas celebration with our D-group from church, and this year, we decided to go tacky.  We did it about six years ago, so the time was right.  Everyone rose brilliantly to the occasion, and laughter rang from all corners of my living room.  To keep it simple, I ordered and picked up sushi, which I served with Velveeta/Rotel cheese dip to keep things classy.


If we'd had more time and energy, there are a million other tacky things we could have added, but the time was not there, so we settled with basic laziness reigning supreme.  We used paper plates and napkins of random selection that we had on hand, and Red Solo cups could be spotted at every turn.  It was nice to actually keep things simple.  It was wonderful to be with these people that we love dearly and do life with so regularly.  I never quit being thankful for them.


Also, it cracks me up that we are all actual adults with real, productive lives.  This crowd includes a hospital administrator, a doctor, an assistant school principle, an Air Force pilot, an accountant and a restaurant owner + a bunch of wives that keep our families running while doing a host of other responsible and meaningful things.  We have 24 children between us, most of whom are six and under.  Every couple in our group has faced hard things in the past year, and it is a testament to God's faithfulness to see the ways he has brought each of us through.

We decided that the most appropriate tacky outing for our group would be bowling.  What could improve our outfits more than bowling shoes?


I received this jewel of a picture in a text today.  Thankfully, my wig was quite comfortable and sturdy.  It handled the bowling excitement remarkably well, even when I jumped up and down.


John was dressed as Buddy the Elf.  He drank Diet Coke mixed with some of Violet's thickener from a syrup bottle all night to complete the image.  In a rare Amazon fail, the hat was not included in the costume, but you still get the idea.


This is our second year owning the mall CFA, and while it is much better than last year, things are still a bit crazy.  John has been an amazing trooper, balancing work and family and dressing like Buddy - I'm thankful to do all of this with him.  And with our friends - I know I say it all the time, but community is such a gift in our life.  It helps to lighten the load when you get to go through it all with other people at your side.  Especially if they are dressed as giant snowflakes in sweat pants.  Double bonus.

I am glad to wrap up our 3rd party within five days.  It was a bit of an intense stretch, but it was really fun, too.  I hope that you are getting to experience fun and joy this holiday season.