Monday, December 14, 2015


I have kept my expectations for weekends in December pretty low.  Last year, John worked a lot on the weekends as needed at the mall store, which we had just taken over.  I feel a bit scarred from the whole thing, because it felt so insane, and we all paid a price.

This weekend, John worked a little less, and we had time to do some Christmas light seeing in our area.  The kiddos have LOVED it.  To the point that right now, every time we get in the car, William and/or Violet screams "LIGHTS!!" Day or night.  It's taken a bit of cajoling to help them realize that we cannot be on our way to see Christmas lights every moment of the day, especially in the daylight. More's the pity.

Friday night we had dinner out, and William thoroughly enjoyed eating potato salad with his hands.


We drove around some neighborhoods and landed at a shopping center with a giant lit tree in the middle that is synchronized to music.  Everyone was transfixed.  Our weather has been so lovely that it was a surprisingly perfect night to walk around.


Saturday morning, I knew I needed to get the kiddos out of the house, so we headed to the mall to see Daddy and Santa.  Our mall Santa is so kind - John gets to know him throughout the holiday season, which is a really funny byproduct of occasionally working at the mall.

(William and pictures currently don't mix, unless it is his idea.  So typically two.)

For years I had heard tale of this house with a ton of inflatables, and when John came home with lots of time to spare on Saturday, I thought it might be the perfect outing.  Oh my word.  Nothing prepared me for the full effect of the enormous Christmas spirit involved.


The kiddos (big and small) loved it.  We walked through the yard and also their garage which is a massive Christmas village, including a little CFA.


I love anything that someone has fully committed to, and this fit the bill.  The man who owns the house was dressed as Santa greeting everyone.  Amazing.

Our last stop was a drive through light display.  Our children were allowed out of their seats to everyone's great delight as we crept along the path.  It was a hit!


There are SO. MANY. CHRISTMAS. options.  So many.  It was fun to get a sampling this weekend of things that were age appropriate and fun for everyone.  I don't take those moments for granted at all.  Hope your holiday season is filled with special moments with your loved ones.