Saturday, April 30, 2016


It's hard to believe that the Walk for the Waiting just completed its 4th year!  It's been a big part of our life these past four years, and it is such a privilege to see it grow and gain momentum as time goes by.  I am so hopeful that God will continue to use the Walk to draw people into this issue and that there will come a time when there are no more waiting kids in Arkansas.  (I wrote about why we walk earlier this month here.)


Yesterday got a bit turned on its head.  On Thursday, I got an email asking us to do an interview about Walk for the Waiting and adoption for the news on Friday.  I wanted to help, so I tried to work it out.  This involved having the news crew meet us at Lily's field trip and a babysitter and John and grabbing the twins early from therapy.  Lily's field trip ended up being canceled in stages (because of torrential rain), but the other wheels were already turning, so we ended up doing an interview at the Arkansas Arts Center and not needing the sweet babysitter who got dragged along in half the fun.  😁😁😁  Life is certainly never dull.


Rain was predicted to continue today, so the entire walk was set up indoors.


We walked around the concourse and tried to keep up with our children who tried to keep up with our friends.

(the free ice cream was a huge hit with this crowd.)

It was such a great day to see so many friends who are passionate about waiting children and finding families for those who need them.


I do feel strongly about this - the fact that children are languishing in foster care without forever families is a devastating thought.  When you read their stories or start to grasp what their lives lack in regards to permanency, security and love, it is and should be heartbreaking.  The system is broken, because people are broken, and children are the ones who often suffer.

So - if God is stirring your heart for any reason - listen!  You will never regret it.  It will have many hard moments, but it will always be worth it.  Every day of the week and then some.


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