Tuesday, April 12, 2016


When we moved into our home, it was brand spanking new.  It was a spec home, so we did not pick any of the finishes.  It was a lovely home when we moved in, but to be honest, I would have picked different finishes than those that we have.  I was pregnant with Bella, and so I did decorate and re-paint some rooms when we arrived.  And then I had Bella, which meant that I had two children two and under.  My decorating pace slowed up a bit.  Next up in our life we started an adoption process and within the next year, we brought home William and Violet giving us four children four and under.

Whew.  It sounds like a lot, and it felt like even more while it was happening.  Because our home was in sparkling condition when we got here, it is a little wild to look around and realize that we are responsible for every scratch, every nick and every hole everywhere.  We like to joke that everything in our home has the "distressed" look.  We live with four little destructors.

So redecorating has fallen by the wayside making way for these past years of survival and knowing that no matter what we do or have, it will likely get messed up by our littles.  It's really been 4-5 years since I've thought in depth about any room other than the twins' nursery.  For me, its been a really good exercise in learning contentment.  In our last home, we re-did almost every single thing cosmetically, so I could comfortably look around and enjoy all of the choices that we made.  I've not had that feeling in this home.

There are many things that I have wanted to change from the moment we moved in, and yet- there are much more important things in life.  Living with things not being just the way I want them has been good for the soul, even when I haven't always relished the sight with my eyes.  It's been a season of letting things be and being grateful for all that we have, which is far more than we need in so many ways.

But seasons also come to an end, and there seem to be some decorating changes on the horizon that I am really looking forward to.  John knows that I have never liked our fireplace surround and have likened it to having a black hole in the living room.  For my birthday, he got the ball moving on getting the black marble tile replaced, and we are in the process of picking out some kind of stone which will lighten it all up and bring in more natural elements that I love.


I think (and hope!) that this will kick us off on making some other changes as well, which are all the more justifiable now that we have lived in our home for six years and torn up a few things.  Our cabinets could actually benefit from a paint job now that we've had trucks running into them instead of them being really new and perfectly good as they were when we moved in.  That helps my economical heart feel better about it all.

I'm looking forward to this new season and thankful for the one that I've had.  And I'm super glad to be getting rid of my living room black hole.