Tuesday, May 17, 2016


When I wrote my New Year's post and included eating better as a family, it was anyone's guess - including my own - as to exactly what that might look like.  As the year has worn on, we are making healthier eating a lifestyle, and I am so pleased to see it coming to fruition.

Our choices haven't been drastic, but they have been consistent, and they have stuck.  For breakfast, the kiddos mostly eat Quaker Oat Squares or Protein Cheerios or homemade breakfast balls (I make them with Wowbutter, since we are peanut free) that they love.  I basically quit buying the more sugary cereals, and though I know cereal is not always an ideal choice, this is what works for us now.  I may reevaluate in the fall when we start our new routines.

For lunch, I've continued with my jar salads, which I love!  Here's a recipe for a knock-off salad from BJ's that I had a few weekends ago and loved.  It makes a great jar salad!


The kiddos lunches haven't changed much, but we've continued with lots of fresh fruits in addition to sandwiches and turkey and cheese.

The biggest change I've made for the kiddos is that we cut out fruit snacks and crackers in the afternoon.  I found that they were not much interested in eating all of dinner after packing in the goldfish all afternoon - shocker.  And, after 4 cavities between Lily and Bella with the dentist telling me that some of it was "environmental issues": read - poor parental food choices for them.  Fruit snacks were likely the biggest cavity culprit for us, and so they will now be a special occasion item instead of a daily treat.  I don't even have them at our house anymore.

Thankfully, the girls liked the dental work.  😂😂😂  I mean that sincerely - Lily had a great time and told me she felt like she was floating, and though Bella was nervous at first, she warmed up to it.  More specifically, she totally zoned out to the cartoons in the TV on the ceiling.  They both did awesome, a fact for which I am quite glad.


Instead of fruit snacks or crackers, they can have any fruit or vegetable that they would like.  I figure I can't really spoil their dinner on carrot sticks.  At dinner, I've largely cut out bread.  I realized it was easy for any of us to fill up on rolls instead of vegetables, so I've done a TON of roasted vegetables.  And, it's been amazing to see that when the kids are hungry, and the only option is roasted zucchini, they will eat and enjoy the roasted zucchini or most other vegetables - though they certainly have favorites and least favorites.

I've simplified meal planning a lot of nights and do a lean protein with sides of two roasted or steamed vegetables.  While it can be a tad boring at times - it is easy, healthy and usually pretty cheap.  I've spent a fair bit of time on Pinterest looking for recipes to add more pizzaz and have a growing collection.  Let me know if you have any great ones I should add!