Friday, May 27, 2016


The school year is wrapping up, and today was Lily's last day.  (though school does go through next Tuesday, and Lily wants to go, so she may indeed have one more day.  verdict is still out. 😂)  When it came time to take our "Last Day of School" picture, she was not exactly excited about the picture.


So, we have an extremely forced smile.  She is also wearing a shirt that is several sizes too big, because I completely overlooked ordering her a field day shirt.  Thankfully, when I showed up at field day, someone was able to rustle up an extra so that she could blend in a bit more.  I am one of those moms that seems to fall apart a bit at the end of the year.  It just all seemed like so much work for us all.  😁🙈
(Here are the first day pics for comparison!)

First grade was a great year for Lily!  Her reading improved dramatically, and it was neat to see her learn what it looks like to work to meet goals.  And by "neat," I should actually say that both Lily and I learned a lot about working together and meeting deadlines and pacing ourselves.  Parenting our first child in school has definitely brought many conversations about what should be entirely that child's responsibility vs. what places parents need to push and help and teach.  Lily did step up to the plate and mostly took charge of her homework and projects, and I was glad to see her mature in time management.

After some of the drama of waking up the first week of school, we got Lily an alarm clock and put her in charge of getting herself up and dressed and fed breakfast.  For us, this worked so much better than having Mom help with those things.  First grade brought welcomed independence, new friends, missing teeth and lots of growth.

We had a great year with our teacher who'll be greatly missed.  She loved on Lily and taught her so much throughout the year, and we are so grateful.  And this morning found me heading to Target to get a teacher gift to drop off, since I seem to have totally forgotten that that was a thing I should do.

Here's to starting our summer off strong and hopefully continuing the learning and growth even in the midst of the fun!