Thursday, May 05, 2016


This day is always a bit tragic in my world - the day when Mother's Day Out is over.  It is well before school is out for Lily, so I have several weird weeks to fill before real summer begins.  This year, it is doubly tragic, because it was the last day at the Mother's Day Out program that we will ever have as a family.  If everything goes according to plan, everyone will be situated somewhere new in the fall.  It's hard to imagine that these six years of having children in this program are over.

I've basically shied away from the emotions of what that means for today.  John and I got back from NYC around 11:45 last night, so I feel a little spent and our home is a bit crazy.  It's the end of the regular school year, and I am definitely not keeping up with everything going on.  🙈🙈

So, instead of crying buckets of tears about the end of the era (as I almost caught myself leaning towards during the final pick up), I'm writing a pithy little blog post about it.  That seems easier right now and allows me to put off the piles of laundry for a bit longer along with the piles of emotions.  I took pics of the kiddos this morning, which didn't exactly go well.  Actually, Bella was awesome, but the twins weren't really down for it, so what I have to show here is the best that I got.  These pictures are also indicative of the general attitude I have towards everything right now - this is my best effort, and I'm calling it good.


Here are pics from the first day of school for comparison - they really do change so much, so quickly!

This program has been so wonderful for our family, and I will miss it dearly.  It was also a place that many of my friends brought their children, and we would usually meet for lunch afterwards and let the kids play in the playground.  I cannot tell you how many hours we have all logged in this room together over the past several years.  So many hours, so many lunches, so much laughter, so many tears (from the kids, usually).

(a couple other people not pictured on this day)

Our schedule will be more loose for the next while, and I will enjoy many things about that, but I will so miss my free mornings to work out, listen to podcasts and grocery shop without my little friends.  Thanks for everything, First Kid's Day Out - we will miss you!