Saturday, August 20, 2016


It's Saturday, and we are trying to play it cool after our big first week at school.  Actually, I wanted to go to the pool while it is still summer, but since we've had nothing but rain, that won't be happening today.  😔  Here's a high/low run down of this week.

High:  We all made it.  Everyone attended all the things on all the days and made it home to tell about them.  Lily made it on the correct bus Tues-Thurs which definitely helped our afternoons.


Low:  As I already mentioned, it has not stopped raining all week.  I tried to run through the woods in our neighborhood, and instead of being able to cross the bridge, it looked like this.


And that was on Monday.  I haven't been back, but I can't imagine it has gotten any better.  I can't even imagine what Louisiana is experiencing, and I'm praying for those families affected by all of the flooding there.

High:  There are MAJOR perks to not having children with me for seven hours each day.  I can breathe.  I can work out.  I can think.  I can accept doctor's appointments without having to be super particular about the schedule.  I can go to meetings.  I can grocery shop so easily.  I can meet my husband for coffee and treats in the middle of the day - say what?!?


Low:  I miss having my kids with me.  I know that I am trying to #cutthedramacarol, but I found myself in tears throughout the week.  It is a HUGE adjustment, and I'm not there yet.  I started crying in Kroger - which is hysterical, because it is the last place in the world that I want my children with me - but the tears came as I tried to pick out slightly green bananas and didn't have to worry about tripping over one of my people to do it.  They are coming even now as I type about it.  So, my drama about the transition is not done yet, and I certainly can't seem to hurry it.

High:  Seeing the kiddos love school.  It seems as if they all really did have great weeks, and everyone loves their teachers, their new routines and their classes.  I'm so thankful and deep down thrilled to witness their personal triumphs and development up close.

Low:  First week of school traffic.  I honked a lot this week.  I also got flipped off.  Between the rain and everyone learning the ropes of back to school, the morning traffic has been a bit wild.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to get from the girls' school to the twins' school, because there is not straight line and about 20 million cars and traffic lights in between the two.  I brainstormed some new routes with John and friends, and I plan to experiment more next week to make my getting the twins to school on time average more than 1 in 5 days.  😳😁 #doingthebestican

High:  They are working on bathroom routines with the twins at school, and Violet has been using the toilet consistently at home.  I have always wanted to outsource potty-training, and this seems to be my chance, though I will of course have to push it over the finish line.  She is SO PROUD and wants me to take a picture of her with everything she puts in the potty so that "Daddy see."


High:  Getting to hear the girls' chatter as we ride to pick up the twins.  Bella told me about an assignment where they needed to write a sentence and draw a picture about something that they loved.  Her words, "I was either going to write about how much I love God or how much I love my cat, but I decided a cat would be easier to draw, and everybody knows that I love God already."  Sweet girl.

Lily is reveling in being a big second grader and understanding how things work and knowing people.  Her year is off to a great start!

Low:  We are all so, so, so tired.  Our summertime bedtime didn't vary too much from our school one, but our wake up time is earlier and has to happen on time.  Plus, this week was a lot of input and newness and excitement, and it has definitely taken a toll.  William has a bad cough, and I can see the strain of the week in certain reactions from everybody else.

There are good moments and bad moments to it all.


High:  We've gotten to veg out to the Olympics a bit in the downtime, and I will definitely miss them when they finish in just a few days.

Low:  Did I mention that I still really miss having my kids with me?  I didn't think I would be that mom, but I also didn't imagine sending my three year olds to full time, year round school.  It's a big change.

It really has been a good week, and I really am so thankful for the goodness that I saw.  And we survived, so there's that.  Maybe someday soon we'll be thriving, until then, I'll just keep watching the Olympics and trying not to cry.