Wednesday, October 19, 2016


While the third and final presidential debate is raging on, and the Dodgers are battling the Cubs (Go Dodgers!), I'm looking for a little comic relief.  This election season has been so wearying, and honestly, it is much easier to make fun of the whole thing.  In that vein, here are a few things that have helped me in that pursuit.

Bad Lip Reading from First Presidential Debate

I've Had the Time of my Life

Why Vote?

Who's Gonna Work It Out?

Also, Jen Hatmaker brought this to my attention yesterday, and it completely cracked me up - In the Scholastic children's election that has correctly predicted the presidential race since 1964, there were an unusual number of third party candidates and write ins that received votes, notably, bacon.  #BaconforPresident 😂 (as a side note - if we can't have bacon for president, can we at least have it as an emoji?  this seems like a massive emoji oversight.)

In all truth, I have struggled (haven't we all?) to muddle my way through what I should do.  I'm clinging to the fact that God is just as sovereign on November 9th as any other day, and I'm praying for his direction as I engage in this process.  And I'm looking for laughs along the way. 👊