Tuesday, January 31, 2017


January is already racing towards it conclusion before I am finishing this post.  (Then I waited another week to actually finish, so it is officially the last night of Jan - what??)  Such is the way of things, and I'm giving myself more grace for that.  I've spent more time than usual reflecting this month.  I've been asking the Lord what he has for me this year, and I've tried to quiet my heart to be able to hear the answers.

One that keeps floating to the surface is "Clarify."

Clarify the things I'm doing.  Boil them down.  Find the purest version and let the other stuff fall away.  Naturally, I'm not good at this.  I am a maximizer by nature and pack things in and around, sometimes obscuring the main event.  So, I am looking for ways to pare down and thin out without losing any essential, mission critical items.

All of that probably sounds pretty vague, and honestly, some of it may even feel that way, but I can feel myself working towards a streamlining and a downsizing.

Ultimately, I am trying to get a tighter grip on the things that God has really made me to do and not keep working to do all the other stuff.  I am so thankful to know many of the things that I am good at, and I want to use those gifts to glorify God and be a gift to those around me.  I also want to better prioritize the things that help our family run smoothly.  Sometimes, I lose sight of these when I get caught up in cookies or projects, and we all suffer accordingly.  While there are certainly seasons for all things, laundry and eating are not seasonal, and I need tom

In addition to the regular resting that we are adding to our lives, I am hoping that working toward clarity will weed out some of the excess.

Another thing that has come to mind repeatedly is the massive difference between "What I Want Most" and "What I Want Right Now."  I would never categorize myself as a disciplined person, and many things that I actually want most in life have suffered at the hands of whatever I might have wanted in the moment.

As I venture through 2017, I'm working to pose this question to myself regularly - "Is this working towards the things that are most important to me OR is it just what I feel like having right this very second?"  The answer is usually pretty easy to see, and I'm trying to pivot away from things that only have a momentary, fleeting value.  I need lots of God's help, since this struggle is often hour by hour, minute by minute.

I looked back at what I had hoped for 2016, and I am so pleased to see how much of it played out in desirable ways.  We have been eating better, and this has mostly continued and become our norm.  I did actually magically tidy most of our house (with the large exception of my craft room which is still  a disastrous mess.)  It is fun to be a grown up and be able to make real change in my life.  This year, I am looking to redecorate parts of our home, which is an enjoyable challenge that I am already relishing.  I hope to blog a little about this process, so stay tuned!

Hopefully your 2017 is off to a great start.  And even if it isn't, I hope that you can shift course and change something within your control, even if it is just your attitude.  I know I often have to make attitude adjustments, and things can look so much better when I shift the things inside of me.  Looking forward to the rest of the year!