Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Walk for the Waiting was this past Saturday morning, and it dawned crisp and clear and perfect for a large gathering.  This was the 5th year, and it just keeps getting bigger and better thanks foremost to God and also to an incredible organizational leader for the event this year in my friend Kandace.

(My girls with Kandace's new daughter who all came to help us set up the event! 😜 I've actually known Kandace my whole life, so it is a treat to get to work with her in this capacity and see our kiddos together.)


Did you know the stats in the pics above?  The fact of the matter is that even with people tirelessly working, there are still huge needs in our state in the child welfare system.  Children are falling through the gaps and never finding families or permanency or hope.  Just during the setup time on Friday, I interacted with a young man who will age out of the system before long who is still hoping to be adopted.  Can you imagine what that must feel like?  My heart broke all over again as the urgency of it all became clear.  Lives are at stake, and I am praying that the church in Arkansas is moved into action.


We enjoyed the walk (except for the child that spent time throwing a fit in the car before she recovered enough to join us. hint, this was not a twin. sometimes being a middle child is hard.)  The weather was truly gorgeous, and I am always so encouraged to look around and see so many families that look like ours.

This spring, I was in meetings for this event every week, and every week, we opened the meetings with an extended time of prayer and worship.  It is hard work to plan something of this scope and scale.  But - it is worth it.  Getting to see God work up close is truly such a privilege.  He shows up.  He moves.  He makes things happen.

So, even as I write this post, I continue to pray for hearts to be drawn to the orphan in our city and state.  I pray for homes to be opened up and for people to want to serve and get involved.  I fully understand that adoption and foster care are not the route for every family, but I firmly believe that most families have some role to play - whether that be donating or supporting those who are fostering/adopting or mentoring an older teen or praying for children to find families.

If you feel led to donate - we'll certainly still take your money even though the event is over for this year!  (Donate here!)

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