Wednesday, June 28, 2017


It feels fairly unbelievable to type this, but we are celebrating our free-standing CFA being open for 10 years today.  I have actually been blogging since back then, though there are not any pictures attached to those blog posts, but if you want a trip down blog memory lane, you can read Eat More Chicken in Little Rock, Little Rock Loves Chicken and Super Chicken, all written in 2007.  When we celebrated our five year CFA anniversary in 2012, I wrote out the story of how we came to be part of CFA here and here.

We were babies when our store opened. (This picture was taken in the Hilton hotel where we had to set up our makeshift hiring office while our store had no parking lot.  Those were the days.)


I was newly 26, and John was 25, and one of our team members who has been with us for the entirety of the 10 years told us (after being with us for several years), that when she first met us, she figured we were the owner's kids who were helping out with things. 😂  Bless our hearts.  It was hard to be taken seriously at first, and we had an uphill battle on many fronts.  I do not miss those early days, because they were hard.

Truth be told, there are many days that are still hard.  We know a lot more now than we did then, but our lives are infinitely more complex now than they were when we opened up in 2007.  We've added 4 children and another restaurant, among other things.  In so many ways, we've been given everything we've asked for and more, and most of the time, we spend every bit of our time and energy just trying to keep those things afloat.

But we are so grateful.  Being 10 years deep brings a lot of perspective.  You start to understand that there are ebbs and flows, and you must always re-focus and re-energize.  Things do not always go according to your plan, but God is working in and through those things.  He is shaping us in the midst of it all, and we are grateful to be doing the work that God has put in front of us.

We love CFA and cannot imagine being partnered with anyone else.  What a gift to be with a company who supports us and gives us so many opportunities to learn and grow and develop!  Here's teeny trip down memory lane from the past 10 years.


We work with so many amazing people who have become family to us.  God has faithfully provided a team around us every step of the way, and we certainly could not do any of this without them.  We will be celebrating in several different ways this summer, which is very exciting!  Today John has already dropped off a cake at the restaurant and sang, before we head out on an adventure with our family, because nothing says "Happy 10 Year" than taking all of your children to Rwanda. 😳


Thanks so much for any part you may have played in our restaurants - if you've ever eaten with us - THANK YOU.  If you've ever worked with us - THANK YOU.  If you've cheered us on from afar - THANK YOU.  We really are so grateful for the support of so many, and ultimately, we are so thankful to the Lord who guides and sustains us.