Sunday, August 06, 2017


For whatever reason, I've felt quiet on the inside lately.  It may be recovering from all the summer has brought, it may be the fact that I'm with little people all of the time and it likely is a combination of both of those things.  Either way, I haven't felt like blogging lately.  I've also been neck-deep in planning an adventure for our family next year, and most of my computer time has been dedicated to it, instead of blogging.

But, I always find that when I don't blog, I still find myself composing posts in my brain and thinking about things I would want to write.  Hopefully, once we get started back at school, I may have a little more mental space.  For sure, I won't have people asking me questions every second of the day, and though I will miss the sweet moments and extra time, I will very much enjoy having time to think again.

So now I am playing a little blog catchup.  This event was actually back in July, and even crazier, our actual store's birthday was at the very end of June.  We have been open in Little Rock for 10 whole years! (Here's a post about that!)  It feels both like it has flown by and crawled, which is how all hard and worthwhile things feel to me.

A few weeks ago, we took the time to have a very nice celebration dinner for team members who have been with us for five or more years.  We also invited back anyone that had ever served on our executive leadership team and a few of our most die-hard raving fans.  We had a wonderful turn out and a very special evening.


Here are some of the highlights!

(He helped us open our store, and though he doesn't still work for us - his impact is still felt on our team!)
(They traveled from Texas to be with us!)

We enjoyed our dinner at Cajun's Wharf in the Louisiana Room.


We passed out boxes to each honored guest that included a customized chocolate bar by Izard, a cookie by me, a fancy CFA pen, and a special name tag.


Truly, we could not do what we do without a host of wonderful people, and these people have been beside us for many years, and we are incredibly thankful for each of them.


The night was so special, and it was a gift to celebrate all that has happened in the last 10 years!