Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Y'all know I love to make a big deal about birthdays around here.  However, I am married to someone who does not like to have a big fuss made over him.  Really and truly - that is not his thing. So, I don't throw big parties for him or usually go all out on a giant surprise gift.  Those things do not speak to him.  However, he is my very favorite person in the whole wide world, so I didn't want to let this occasion pass without saying anything.

Happy 36th to John!


What can I say about this man?  He is the most hard-working and empathetic person that I have ever met.  He loves people well and considers others needs before his own.  He loves the Lord and strives to serve him in all things.  He holds himself to incredibly high (sometimes *impossibly* high) standards and is a person of utmost integrity.  Obviously, he's got plenty of faults like the rest of us, but since this is a celebratory post, we won't dwell on those. 😜


It seems impossible to realize that we've been together over 14 years now.  This picture is actually the clone of a picture we took before we were even officially dating back in May of 2003.  I feel a little too lazy at this exact moment to dig it out of the attic, but trust me that he was just as tall then as he is now, my hair is now five times longer (at least), and we have a lot more wrinkles 14 years later.  But, I can still say that in every situation, he is still the person I want to have next to me.  He knows what to say and do to make things as right as possible, and I am forever grateful for this gift in my life.


This summer has certainly been a whirlwind, which might show up in the fact that his birthday was August 5th, and I'm posting about it August 23rd. 🙈🙈🙈 I feel like we are still trying to recover from the level of activity as well as gear up for fall, though we are certainly continuing to be very selective about what we do.  

So, Happy Belated Birthday to my most favorite person of all time!