Sunday, December 24, 2017


It's Christmas Eve, and we're in town, and it is actually so relaxing.  Though - it's still Christmas, and our children are acting like they are on speed, and I have actually threatened to burn a child's present to try to achieve better behavior from said child. 🤦🏻‍♀️ So basically, it's pretty normal around here.


We've been to church once, and we are going to another church tonight since we are super spiritual. 😜 I do love the Christmas Carols and the reminder of the hope that we have because Love Came Down to us.  Managing tiny candles in the hands of each child just reminds me how much I need my Savior.  Glad I get to do that a second time tonight.


Our Christmas cards are by Main Street Studios - photos and design!  Last year I explained my lack of Christmas card strategy, and though I did order the right amount, it was still a pretty haphazard experience.  Maybe next year it will be more organized?  Probably not. 😬

"Rejoice" is highlighted on our card, and truth be told, there are many moments that I am having to choose to rejoice, cause all of the feelings don't exactly line up.  There is something about Christmas and expectations and lack of routine and life that usually collide into at least one meltdown for me.  I had that meltdown yesterday, though today has been better.  Our home and family life do not resemble many of the beautiful sentiments expressed on cards - there is a lot of mess here.  We desperately need baby Jesus to come and fix us and be with us.

But I am so thankful that even in the midst of the mess, I have a reason to rejoice.  Jesus did choose us and left Heaven and spent a lifetime here on Earth.  He understands exhaustion and unmet expectations and hardship, because he lived it.  He suffered so much disappointment and heartache during his 33 years here, and he ultimately experienced a horrific death - though it is certainly redeemed through his resurrection three days later.

And because of the pain and loss and beauty of this most important story, I can rejoice.  God holds us in his hand, and his plans for us are better than are own.

Merry Christmas - even if it is not what you wish for - I hope you too can find the reason to rejoice.