Monday, April 16, 2018


It's our 13 year wedding anniversary - what!?!  I'm sure you get tired of reading it just as I get tired of writing it, but time goes SO QUICKLY.  I cannot believe that we've been married for 13 years, but it is also hard to imagine not being married.  Like my life began with my marriage, somehow.  Truthfully, because of all that John and I have traversed together, we are woven together in so very many ways - you know, that whole one flesh thing is true.

I posted lots of our wedding pictures here and several of our honeymoon pictures here - my, we were so young and carefree(ish).  It's funny to think back to our wedding and know that it really was exactly what we wanted - though maybe a little bigger than we had imagined.  It was before Pinterest, but I still managed to craft table centerpieces and get M'M's in our wedding colors to spread around.  Also, I found fabric and got patterns for the bridesmaid dresses - bless their hearts.  I was trying to save everyone money whilst also getting a look I wanted, but as it turns out, getting dresses randomly made by seamstresses is challenging in its own way. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️😳  Thankfully, I had very gracious and beautiful sisters and friends who made the best of this.

It was a most lovely day, and John and I were truly so delighted to be marrying one another.  It's funny the things you plan and don't plan.  For example, my perfectionist husband had a wedding binder full of details, but when we walked out of our ceremony, we didn't know exactly what to do.  We had a feeling we weren't supposed to be seen, so we went and hid in a Sunday school classroom in the church before sneaking out the back to drive to the reception.  Then, when we left on our honeymoon, we did not give any flight or hotel info to anyone - not on purpose - we simply didn't think of it.  But, still to this day, my mother shakes her head when she thinks of not having any idea where or when or anything about our honeymoon whereabouts other than knowing that we would be in Hawaii for a bit.  😂 (sorry, Mom!)

Thankfully, I feel like we actually got the biggest details right - like marrying the right person and committing before the Lord to love Him and one another above all other people or things.  Now - we are not awesome at this every day - in fact, we say sorry all the time in our home.  But, we love and LIKE each other, for which I feel extreme gratitude.

Last night, we went for a leisurely dinner at SO.

(for some reason, winter made a comeback, so even though it is mid-April, I'm wearing a sweater and tall boots, which I was not happy about.)

Today, we met up for lunch, and by wonderful happenstance, we were handed "13" as our table marker.


I truly am thankful for the joys and even the challenges of marriage - I certainly find myself being shaped by both into a better woman.  And I would not want to do life with anyone else.  John and I regularly tell each other, "I'm glad I'm in it with you."  Happy Anniversary, John - you are my very favorite!

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