Sunday, October 22, 2006

This Little Piggy Went to Market

This weekend was the most authentic Ghanaian experience that we've had yet. Yesterday, John and I decided to be a little adventurous and venture out on our own. We took a taxi from Kodeku to Medie, then took a "Tro-tro" to the N'Sawam market. A tro-tro is the way that most Ghanaians get around. It is a giant van packed full of as many people that it can hold, which is quite an experience. The leading cause of death in Ghana is actually car accidents. Cholera is 2nd, and "Wasting Disease" (everything including cancer, aids, anything that cannot be readily diagnosed) is 3rd. I would not want to ride a tro-tro in Accra, due to the traffic, but we are relatively in the country, and it seemed sort of safe.
When we got to N'Sawam, we went to the market- a real Ghanaian market, nothing touristy about it. It was such a thrill to walk around and see the sights. It smelled bad. There were nasty fish for sale everywhere, and fruits and fabrics and bread and medicine. It was amazing to see everything. I love fabrics, and they have so many amazing patterns with beautiful colors to choose from. I also got to get a Coca-cola Light from the gas station there in N'Sawam. When we were done, we got to tro-tro it back to Rafiki. Everywhere we walked, people yelled "Obruni," because we were the only white people for miles and miles.
Today we went to church in Kodeku with one of the mamas and some of the kids from Rafiki. It was truly Ghanaian, with the message being given in Ga, Twi and English. Everyone greeted us and was so kind. There was another Congo line to the front during all 3 of the offerings.
The Rafiki Home Office staff arrives this afternoon, so we are all busy preparing for that. It should be an interesting week! I plan to post more with some reflections on what we have been learning, because God continues to teach us so much through this experience.


Scott & Jo said...

Hey you guys! Candyland never sounded so fun! I have heard about those worms--in Nat'l geograhic or somewhere. You don't want them! Give John a long stick next time you go to town! I loved the Noah's ark story. I am going to stop and give thanks right now, for all those little things I take for granted. We are spoiled and don't even know it. We miss you--continue on the good fight! Love, Jo & Scott

Anonymous said...

Well, it sounds as if you are having the experience of a lifetime. I would be envious, but the Bible says no. So instead I will continue to be glad for you and glad that God is using you in a unique way. The games part sounded like so much fun and alot like what USA kids would do.God bless you and our good old USA,Love, Sylvia

Anonymous said...

STILL missing you two like crazy!! Candyland would have been a blast. I'm with Scott and Jo... DON'T GET THE WORMS!! I'm looking forward to more pictures, whenever you get the time to put them up. Thanks for the facebook comment. I love you both!!